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  1. inndem hahaha i'm totally going to buy sunflower oil tonight! i bought some olive oil shampoo for black hair and have been using that every other week and might be too oily for my hair. cant wait to have cover girl hair!
  2. DAY 54: holy crap, i cant believe im almost finished with my second month. i haven't updated because i have been hella busy with finals and work. well just to follow up from my last post. those two cysts that were under my eye weren't going away any time soon, but i did notice they were flaky in the morning. by the fifth day i was able to insert a needle into them and drain them. the one closest to my eye went away completely and the other one which was the biggest of the two took awhile to comp
  3. inndem thanks!! i have two bottles of jojobo oil (great for massages) so ill try that tonight. the flakiness isnt as bad as it was during the first month. ya, this IB is awful. im trying not to let it get to me, but they're so painful and angry!!! im hoping they will dry up and flatten before the weekend. that sucks about your conditioner! great way to find out you're allergic to something.. not!!! anyway, i hope your course is going well..
  4. DAY 39: the cyst under my eye came back and he brought a friend! two cysts under my right eye and they're just there for all the world to see. one of them came to a head, but doesn't seem to be going down. theres about five zit things on my forehead. i guess im not done with the IB. wahhhhhh!!! i haven't washed my hair in almost two weeks! gross? its so dry and my hair isnt even oily!! surprisingly enough, it doesn't smell bad. TMI? anyway, here is what i have been experiencing: chapped lips
  5. yay for clear skin!! im waiting for my boyfriend to tell me that, although whenever i ask him how my face is, he says it looks great. (liar!!) haha anyway, im so happy that your journey is going smoothly!!!!
  6. DAY 31: Last week I was going to call my derm to get something for my IB and the awful cysts on my face, but it turned out that I had my appt anyway. Lucky me! When I went in, my derm said that my face was looking a lot better and that she could shoot up my cysts with some cortisone to help with the inflammation. Obviously, I obliged without any hesitation. Two to three days later all the bumps went down and that cyst under my eye was completely gone. Thank the universe for cortisone. Anyway, my
  7. i used to smoke too and the other night i smoked one and woke up with a sore throat and a headache!!! i hate when i follow through with a temporary craving!
  8. i think im about 4 or 5 days behind you. on my third week, i had a nasty IB and i went to the derm and she shot all my cystic acne with cortisone and three days later my skin is looking okay. no raised bumps! maybe you should ask your derm about it?! good luck and keep your head up!
  9. amoxilworx I hope so too! I'm going to call her tomorrow. It really makes me happy to hear that you found a regimen that works for you. I can't wait for the day to say that I haven't had a cystic break out in forever!! That is so awesome, I'm kind of jealous! MollDoll Thank you for the response! I was supposed to go out last night with some friends, but I decided not to because of my skin(of course) and definitely curled up and watched a movie. Are you worried about your Vitamin A intake
  10. amoxilworx thank you for sending me those links. im going to go to the drug store tomorrow and see whats cheaper. the only time i wear make up is when i have to work, which unfortunately is becoming more often since the holidays are coming up. i usually take off my make up as soon as i get home, because i feel like a cake face. yuck! its getting really hard now because my IB is in full force. nbyrww thanks for the response.. im going to look into cerave tommorw. ive heard great things about
  11. DAY 22: yesterday was really hard guys. i had an emotional break down and freaked the f out on my boyfriend (bless his heart) my skin looks terrible.. its really putting me into an emotional state that is really distracting. the appearance of my face just looks unhealthy.. all my pores are the size of hubcaps filled with either white nastiness or black nastiness. i have that stupid cyst by my eye still that is so angry.. its literally so big, that its obstructing my right eyes vision! the cysts
  12. nbkyrww i bought some head and shoulders itch relief and holy toledo it felt sooo good and minty (if that makes sense?) after that my scalp hasnt itched too bad, although it is still super flaky and dry. im going to try to put some jojoba oil where the dryness is.. maybe that will help?!
  13. DAY 19: HOLY BLACK HEADS!!!! thats all i can really say right now! they are all over my cheeks and my face all of a sudden got super super dry and flaky today. the cyst below my eye is ginormous and painful. all the other cysts on my chin and cheeks exploded this morning, so now they are dry, scabby bumps. blah! also, time to get some new makeup that's more moisturizing. any suggestions? any suggestions on face moisturizers?
  14. oh geeze!! i hope you're okay! thats my worst nightmare, flipping over on a bike! ive just hit my two week mark and so far i've only had one awful day (sad, groggy, sore) keep your head up and itll get better soon!!
  15. inndem thank you for the advice. its so crazy because i would have to wash my hair everyday because it used to get soo oily and greasy. now its the opposite! ooh accutane!!!