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  1. thanks, that was really informative and helpful will check it out This is really great help girls, thank you Just wanted to ask whether i can use my mineral powder foundation with the primers? :s... It won't come off whilst i'm buffing it in would it?
  2. Back - with a vengeance!

    1. Hello people! Soo i joined and left acne.org back in 2008 after making some serious changes to my diet and reducing, not curing my acne. - Some background: I've been suffering with acne for about 10 years+ now. I would say i had moderate to severe acne, to the point where it would be painful to touch. I tried every cream under the sun, home remedies including apple cider vinegar, lemons, baking soda, gram flour and even long courses of multiple antibiotics - which all failed to reduce m
    2. Hello everyone! I have been researching primers for a while now but unfortunately i have not been able to find many primers that are specific to acne/problematic/sensitive skin! I have just purchased the Bare Escentuals prime time oil-free primer. Has anyone tried this concoction?! I have super sensitive skin and break out to almost everything. So have stuck with one foundation - Everyday Minerals (Godsend), for 5/6 years now and am too scared to try out anything else - including conce
    3. Hey P.I, I have been using everyday minerals for 5/6 years now. I initially tried it because they used to (i'm not sure if they do now) offer a trial pack where you could sample 3 shades of foundation. This was extremely useful for me because i have always had difficulty matching my skin tone and because i wanted to see if it actually broke me out (i have reallllly sensitive skin) Everyday minerals does not break me out. I have box and ice-pick scars, pigmentation AND redness but find tha