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  1. hi oldest member of acne.org hows life been?

  2. Hi everyone! I've been following a modified version of this regimen for the past 6 months and have had a significant success rate with it. Currently, I take Carlson's Super Omega-3 (4 caps at night) and a B-complex (added 1 month ago). Adding the B-complex really made a huge difference in my skin, I think because of the synergistic effect with the fish oil. HOWEVER, I still get some minor hormlonally related breakouts (2-3 pimples every month or so). But this is still MUCH more manageable th
  3. Lilo, how wonderful that you're enjoying the smoothies so much!! I love that they make it so easy to get in your veggies!! I often do two smoothies a day - I always do a green smoothie for breakfast, and then for lunch, I'll often do a "blended salad" with no fruit, just greens and veggies. I'll then eat steamed veggies or a veggie soup for dinner. Now that I'm eating so many veggies, my skin has gotten more color to it (and it's *not* due to getting more sun!), and I actually had to get a d
  4. you don't HAVE to take fish oil with food but here are two reasons you should: 1. food helps you absorb fish oil more readily 2. some ppl have reported stomach discomfort and/or nausea after taking fish oils on an empty stomach (yours truly included). i'm assuming this is due to the fish oil sitting around in the intestines from not being absorbed correctly. BUT if you take Lecithin with the fish oil you knock out these two problems. lecithin solubilizes the fish oil into an absorbable form
  5. i found a website that sells all the herbs recommended in the Beijing concoction (second link) but to buy all of them would run up to almost $100. the guy on there did say that honeysuckle and some kind of jelly would suffice for ppl who do not have severe acne. i have heard of honeysuckle tea to detox the body and has helped with acne though. now i'll be on a small quest to find it...
  6. what most ppl don't realize is that European countries are linking trans fats to heart disease (they have actually known this link for years) and are working to eliminate it from their diets...WHY? bc it is a DRAIN on the healthcare system!! in the U.S. there is always a reason (profit) for keeping something on the market. ------> trans fat = atherosclerosis (arterial plaque) = heart disease = more doctor's vistis = years of cholesterol meds = money drug companies pockets (there is NO
  7. i was curious what Dr. Andrew Weil might contribute to skincare and in all of the Q&A sessions he always suggested the person seek Chinese medicine for further help as he states that he has seen good results. so i was poking around on the internet a bit and found this site: http://www.natureproducts.net/Medicine/Mek..._treatment.html i've heard that drinking the teas are much more beneficial. i've started on a chinese herbal mix in the past but my doc moved and i never completed treatmen
  8. was doing some searching and wanted to add a little more in support of fish oil over flax oil this is from a website called liv4evr.com - a website for traditional chinese medicine to help acne: Things you can start doing today to improve your acne: Quit drinking coffee! Even decaf. Replace it with green tea. Our favorite is Yama MotoYama. Quit eating any foods that contain sugar, fructose, glucose, etc. Avoid artificial sweeteners. Avoid foods that contain hydrogenated oils. Read the
  9. that is a good point - better way to think of it actually :surprised: its just the thought of going on vacation and having to lug pills around that i'm not excited about but all in all if it works, i will do it. in essence, yes, i do have a family history of not being able to handle alcohol - i just can't metabolize alcohol...haha! yeah it was a bad idea to drink. my liver is probably not in the best shape either since i have been on accutane 4 times in the past - all of which i COMPLETEL
  10. i broke out!!! BAD!! i was doing decently with flaxseed oil and a couple fish oil pills until just this past weekend...i drank some alcoholic cider (i'm NOT a drinker - no enzyme to break this down) and so i got drunk, FAST. and as always i noticed my skin gets VERY dry the same night and especially the next morning. then, two days later i ALWAYS wake up with new zits usually on the forehead and nose. dammit. why wouldn't the omega-3's help to prevent this? i was doing so well too. actu
  11. hi everyone, i have read about 5 (out of 33?!?) pages and could not go on anymore so i apologize if this question has already been answered: Is anyone currently on a maintenance dose of fish oil? once you start replenishing your stores your body should need less supplementation right? i just a word of caution based on my own experience with omega-3's: a little (recent) history: i took flax, fish, and borage oil but i think this megadosing has caused me to be more susceptible to the cold
  12. hi everyone, just came back to report on my progress. so far it has been 3 weeks of taking the flaxseed, borage, fish oil combo and the results have been amazing. i did 2 weeks of 2tbsp flax, and 4 pills borage, 1 pill of fish oil a day...and then got the flu (unrelated to these supplements) so i started waning on my intake. but by the end of the 2 weeks i already saw a huge difference. the redness had gone down significantly and my clogged pores were disappearing, no more new pimples croppi
  13. xxbobmckeexx, just wondering about your experience post-accutane...i know you said you have oily skin but have you ever experienced bouts of dry skin or dry patches after you stopped taking accutane? and also, how was your healing time before you started flax oil? i think i am permanently dried out --> using jojoba oil AND a cream moisturizer on my face just to keep the whiteheads at bay...i'll be a prune before 30! hopefully the flax will give me a little more moisture...
  14. Putting more calories in only puts on weight, if you eat more than your body can burn. Calories in vs calories OUT (expenditure). So flax oil shouldn't be anything to worry about in terms of weight gain, rather, look at the effects it has on your body and organs that help it to lose weight. And remember, there is a difference between bad fats and essential fatty acids. The body needs these fats, (EFA's) therefore are not the type to be bad for you, but rather essential (hence the name). Resear