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  1. OMG this is life!!

    i cleared my acne with this!!! it is part of my morning and night regimen!! 1. wash face with biors charcoal bar ( to remove make up and oil, skip in the mornings) 2. wash with this acne stress control scrub
  2. tried it for a year when i was a teen

    not as effective as you wish... i highly recommend clean and clear persa gel 10 it is life!! lol best of luck
  3. i cannot live without<3

    i am 21 had acne since for almost 10 years and i have spent alot of money and bs.. but this is amazing!! i put it on every night and every morning my acne looks less whats the word...gross?.. i love it my acne is tough but this has my uglies gone in less than a week. try this!!!! you wont regret it!!:)
  4. Clove20

    Week 1

    I was gonna simply go dairy free but since i dont eat that much meat and i have recently seen some animal videos i decided to try veganism for 6 months in hopes of results. so far no new break outs have been puting lemon juice on my skin every other day and it is glowing! i see my scars diminition already but its probably my imagination, its too soon:) i am taking a nutrition class in college so i am eating alot of vegitibles, beans, and tons of fruit. i am drinking about 10 glasses of wate
  5. I had acne for as long as I could remember.. I'm 21 now and I found a regimen that works for me and keeps it under control but I still get the random breakout, about 2 months ago after taking my nutrition class in college I realized people shouldn't be drinking milk or eating wheat so I immediately cut milk and gluten out of my diet... I surprisingly still had lots to eat, they have gluten free everything these days and flaxseed milk is so yummy and has tons of omega 3... I now have no acne at a
  6. Let me know I also want to try lemon for red scar treatments