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  1. if it's normal, how long do the marks last???
  2. my scabs are gone cause it's been about a month.... but the treated spots are still reddish/brown in color. It looks pretty awful Should I cuss out my Doctor?? What's going on?
  3. Please delete this thread..
  4. i would like to know too... how much egg white does it take? how many drops of lemon juice does it take? Can I use orange juice instead if I don't have lemons? I want like a recipe for it.... aka: 1 egg, remove yolk 3 drops lemon juice half cup water etc. (i dont know if above is correct), but i want a correct recipe for it !!
  5. google hydroderm opinions and you'll get nothng but bad results. i've tried it a little bit for bout a week... it didn't seem to do much.
  6. how do you rub your skin with your fingers till it gets raw?? thats hard to picture. Try 1600 grit sandpaper...... haha...
  7. anyone please? it's been 4 weeks about now. I've emailed my Dr. but he hasn't responded...... wonder if thats bad....
  8. I had TCA Cross done for the 2nd time about 3 weeks ago. I noticed that it does raise the scar so I am happy about that. But, my treated spots are brownish, reddish in color..... Im concerned cause it's been 3 weeks. I have been staying out of the Sun and moisturizing my skin. I also used hydroderm to help the collagen build up.
  9. Should I use Neosporin after TCA cross to help accelerate the healing process and lessen the chance of hyperpigmentation? I'm doing TCA Cross for the 2nd time now and I'm seeing my scars slowly filling in. (Sorry no pics). However it has not helped w/ the discoloration.
  10. Are you guys talking about the Acne Free Scar Eraser? I was about to try it...
  11. Alex, Are you in Los Angeles? Im looking for any drs. out here who's heard of TCA Cross but all the people i've seen haven't heard of it. I'm guessing its not as profitable as the lasers they use.
  12. im having problems finding a dermatologist to do TCA cross too. I'm in Los Angeles, and most dermatologist haven't even heard of TCA cross!! let me know how it goes man
  13. I can't seem to find any dermatologist in my area that's even heard of TCA cross. Crazy because I live in Los Angeles. Anyway, if u done TCA cross yourself, please post here w/ any advice or precautions about it. Have any of you ever F'ed up? What should I watch out for?
  14. theres gotta be someone in this board in LA who nows a dermatologist who does TCA cross!