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  1. I've been on fucidin H that has hydro cortisone in it and this is the info that came with it
  2. Hey there, i have similar cystic lumps on my face it totally sucks :/ I've had it for about 2 months now and been on various antibiotics that have helped but not got rid of it totally, got dermo next week so fingers crossed. Best thing you can do is go dermo or GP for some antibiotics and topical creams to help, stuff you can do at home is just keep it super clean and put hot compresses/ steam your face like 2-3 times a day to help them drain on their own. Hope that helped but your not gonna
  3. I've always wondered about clarins, how do you find the coverage? And the pinkyness/yellowness tones in it? If that last question makes any sense to you! I think the balance of red and yellow totally depends on what shade you get but i have ivory that is quite yellow-normal but i like that because it counteracts the redness of my face and acne. I think the coverage is awesome it is super pigmented so its not all cake but you can also build up layers over specific problem areas. Im sure if you g
  4. If your washing your hair with shampoo everyday that might be the problem. Hairdressers are now saying that you should wait 2-3 days between shampooing (like you can still wash with water in-between but reduce the amount of product on your scalp). I had the same problem before and i washed my hair less and got a tar based shampoo and the snake scalp massage bar from lush and it's really worked for me x
  5. I use Clarins everlasting foundation in Ivory which i think is their lightest shade but it really works and gives a very full coverage without any heaviness. If its an issue of wanting to use your old products why don't you try fake tan? x
  6. I agree with the derma blend suggestion there's a new collaboration between Vichy and Dermablend now thats a little bit easier to use and not as expensive. It also has the spot treatment of the witch hazel in normal vichy products. Hope that helps! x
  7. I use Clarins everlasting foundation and its really good. Its a matte liquid foundation good for oil prone skin and lasts up to 15 hours but i would never leave it on for that long! It's really pigmented so it conceals redness really well but isn't too heavy on he skin. Plus it's clarins so you know it's good quality! xx
  8. I'm taking the plunge tomorrow and just going cold turkey on make up, my skin has just got too bad i think it looks worse with makeup now! I did it before when i was in school and i found the best way to do it is to focus on doing your hair rally nice or wearing clothes that you feel comfortable and pretty in. That way you're thinking about hair and clothes rather than lack of make up! xx
  9. Gracicook


    Hi Vee, I feel so sorry for you I'm also struggling with cystic acne and I'm going to the dermatologist in april, i tried epiduo and it did nothing for me either. Couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the $400 i live in the uk so mine only cost £7.40. Have you ever tried benozyl peroxide its a cheaper gel you can get that really works for me i use a 5% but its best to start 2.5%. Let me know how the regimen works for you as i am interested in trying. Grace x