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  1. I haven't actually checked to see if it is the same time each month. I figured it probably wasn't though because I am not a female and thus don't have a mentral cycle to mess with my acne. However I will keep a record and see if it is on the same time each month. If it is, what could that mean? Ok, so doing a scrub 3 times a day is not good? (Morning, post workout, before bed)? My diet is pretty good actually. I have even tried the no carb routine to see if it takes care of it and it does
  2. Hey there. New to these forums. I'm a 24 year old male still suffering from acne. I need to be put on some new course of treatment because my current one (will get into details) is working but not 100% effective ans is also making my face red/dry and extremely irritated. 1) I am currently on 100mg Minocycline twice daily. Which has worked the best out of the drugs I've tried. (I've been though the entire book and tried all meds). 2:) I wash my face with Nutregina (spelling) acne free daily