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  1. Hey Bastian, I am not sure how severe your acne is but using all kinds of products at the same time and hoping for a quick fix is the worst thing you can do attempting to treat it. Many of us on this site understand what you are going through. 2012 was very bad for me as well, in regards to acne. Had a horrible cycle of breakouts right at the beginning of the year. I decided to give the regimen from this site a try and after being very patient for about 5 months, I got completely clear. Have
  2. yeah, I woud not recommend stoping once you are clear. You are gonna wash your face & moisturize anyway, on the regimen or not, so I am sure it's mainly BP usage you are probably most concerned about. From my experience, I tried to completely eliminate BP after getting clear and after a few weeks or so, breakouts returned worst than ever. What I have tried with success is just using less BP. Once daily instead of twice or decreasing the amount if you decide to remain using it twice a da
  3. I use neutrogena on the spot 2.5 BP. Its not the greatest BP, but it's easy to get at any pharmacy, most will carry it. It is expensive when you consider the size. Its a cream base, but it dries very quickly when applied. I used it following the steps on the regimen and got completely clear in about 5 months or so.
  4. anyone tried sulfur mask as an alternate to BP. May use a sulfur mask in the evening times. I know it is much less harsh than BP but pretty good at fighting acne. The formally known dermify, which is not selling anymore, but supposedly curactin is the original source. Just an idea, anyone ever have any success?
  5. hey, i followed DKR to the tee for about 5 months before getting completely cleared, but it definitely works. Don't get discouraged as things may tend to get a bit worst in the initial stages. Seems like the majority of DKR users went through that phase. Be patient, positive, and try not to convince your mind that its gonna be a miracle cure. But if you stay consistent and always remember to moisturize, a mistake i was making in the beginning stages, you will in time definitely have your acn
  6. After a bad series of breakouts at the beginning of the year, i followed the Regimen with drugstore products, 1. Cetaphil Gentle Ceanser, Neutrogena on the spot 2.5 BP and cetaphil moisturizer. It worked great but took about 5-6 months to get completely clear. Its been about 3 1/2 months of having no new acne or breakouts at all, cross my fingers. Now I am concentrating on fading and getting rid of the marks left behind by my previous acne. I am giving manuka honey a try and using 100% aloe
  7. Currently using Garnier Moisture rescue with spf 15. Its a very light lotion and does not leave your skin oily. I am naturally oily skin, so i hate moiturizers that make your face even oilier. Kind of hard to find one thats light with spf. I have used cetaphil with sph 15 and aveno with spf30 in the past. Most leave the skin pretty oily and the aveno stings and causes tears when it goes near the eye area. I am male as well. But do reviews on the garnier, its reasonably priced and better t
  8. have you tried Dan's regimen. It worked for me. It took about 5 months and was a day to day process, but i am completely clear from it. I didn't really change my diet or anything, only differennce is i drink lots of water in a day. i easily get over 64oz a day and I cut out any sugarr drinks. But havent changed much on the food side of things. So i know following Dan's steps and using 2.5 BP does work. Its not a miracle over night thing and you have to follow it strictly, but it will grad
  9. I really don't think Dan's is trying to spread a message that his Regimen is the cure for acne. I think Dan is just sharing his experience and success with using BP as a way to manage and control acne. I agree that BP is not the greatest acne medication nor is it a miracle drug, but it has controlled my acne along with many others. Yes, it has side effects and may not be the most healthiest substance to apply to our skin daily, but for many it is our only way to remain clear until we figure o
  10. Hey Stephen, Many of us who deal or dealt with acne understand your frustration and anger. I personally am 32 and have dealt with acne on and off since i was about 19-20. I actually been though several phases of really bad breakouts during my over 10 years of dealing with this horrible disease. Actually had another bad one like 7 months ago, 32 and still breaking out! Yes, its very frustrating, destroys self confidence, causes you to lose motivation in everything. Been there. Time i woul
  11. Took me about 5/6 months to get clear on DKR. I didnt use his products, instead i used drugstore products, 1. cetaphil gentle skin cleanse 2. Neutrogena on the spot BP 2.5 and cetaphil moisturizer spf15. Pretty much the same kind of products. I was pretty strict on the regmen where i may have missed only 2 applications at most n a 6 month time period. First 2 months or so was tough, breakouts seem worst and mainly on my cheeks and forehead. After about 5/6 month mark i was pretty clear and
  12. they will fade with time and patience. There are many things you can try to help reduce your scars and i am leaving out any surgical procedures since your scars do not seem severe. Try reading and researching the net and look for reviews about certain products. I am currently looking to treat marks left by acne as well since i have been completely clear for a month or so. I want to avoid any further uses of harsh substances or chemicals so i chose to try a more natural route. Using Manuka h
  13. hey, so are you completely clear using DKR now? how long has it been? I posted a few months back, I followed the regimen for about 6 months but with drugstore products instead, 1. cetaphil gentle skin cleanser 2. Neutrogena on the spot 2.5 BP 3. Cetaphil moisturizer with spf 15. I think the cleanser is great, the BP is so so but gets the job done. 2.5 Bp is 2.5 BP, and moisturizer is average. After the first few tough months, I have been 100% clear of any new breakouts and acne for the la
  14. I wouldn't recommend switching and using different cleansers. Whats more important is finding one that doesn't irritate and is gentle. SA or BP cleansers really have no purpose since you immediately wash it off. Last thing we want to do is cause any irritation to our skin, that only make things worst. I personally just use Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. Super gentle, no fragrance, and effectively cleanses face. Nothing more nothing less.