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  1. kristen- i love reading your posts! i hope that once i start my posts are as interesting as yours. oh my god, i'm so sorry about what that kid said to you. i TOTALLY relate b/c i've had children, adolescents and people my own age and older say stuff to me. one time i was getting my teeth cleaned and the hygeniest said, "so, where's your acne from?" why would you even ask someone that? if i knew, do you think i'd have it lady? geez. it took sooo much for me not to cry when i was in tha
  2. ok, IPledge is complete bs! grrrr. i really thought that i would get to start accutane last week, but when i called the derm about when to get my second test, they told me the complete opposite of what they said the first time i went in. she even wrote down on my standing order "2-during period". so when i called, the SAME girl said, "no, it doesn't matter if you are or not. you have to wait til next week though." huh? i was totally confused. then on top of that, my derm is only in that o
  3. hey kristen! i was wondering how you were doing with your contacts? i am practically blind, so i was thinking of getting new glasses before i start because i just have a feeling my eyes are going to dry out. the prescription on my current glasses are about a billion years old, so i kind of squint when i wear them (usually at night when watching some tv just before bed). i think i'll try those drops that someone mentioned. hope everything else is going well and have a happy holiday weekend!!
  4. i-pledge is a giant pain in the ass. since accutane is known to cause birth defects to babies of women taking it, there's this new program that any woman who can get pregnant has to participate in. it's pretty much just to make absolute sure that you do NOT get pregnant while on accutane. so we have to take blood tests each month to make sure and TWO blood tests before we can even start. so pretty much from when my dermotologist and i talked about starting this, i had to wait like over a mon
  5. hey thanks for the nice words! good vibes are always nice to have around hope everything is going well with your accutane journey!
  6. ugh, today was a horrible day. i just felt really crappy and gross. i came home from work and i just laid in bed and then fell asleep. when i woke up, i was super hot and i went in the bathroom and looked in the mirror and i just looked shiny and bumpy and icky. i almost started crying because i was going to go to a swing dancing class but i just felt like i looked too ugly. i ended up going so i actually felt pretty proud of myself because i felt like absolute shit and was really embarasse
  7. hey there, i just wanted to say that i really enjoy reading your posts and that i relate so much to some of the things you say. some of the emotions you have and the scheduling of your life around your skin...i hate that! but you always remain so positive and it really is extremely motivating i hope the next 3 months for you are nothing but smooth sailing and you look great already!
  8. thanks for the messages guys! geez, i am starting to get so excited about starting this and i can't wait to have nice skin. i think that i am looking most forward to just not having to think or worry about how i look. you know, like normal people, ha ha ha. i'm a little bummed right now because i am breaking out even more b/c i just quit taking my minocycline. my derm said to wait 2 weeks before i start the "tane" (as you guys call it) but i was at the end of my prescription and i didn't wa
  9. so this is my first log on this site. i think i've been a "member" for a few years now, but i mostly came on this site when i was trying a new medication or product, etc. to see how other people were doing and if anything was helping. i am going on accutane (again...took it 6-7 years ago) and i once again perused this site to see how other people with acne were coping with accutane. i was blown away at how much support i saw from other members and after reading a few accutane logs and looking
  10. i just had my first acupuncture session almost 3 weeks ago. the woman i go to said that she believes it's because of my hormones, and that there is too much heat in my body (she gathered that from asking me questions about my cycle). i have to drink this tea twice a day and take some herbs which are in capsule form after each meal (9 a day total). the needles are very painless, i think i only had about 8 or 9 total and by the end of the session (i lay in a dark room for 30 mins) i feel very r
  11. i absolutely HATE mirrors. i get ready for work and school in the dark practically. i put the dimmers in my bathroom really low so i don't have to look. i never look in mirrors in bathrooms at work, school, restaurants, or wherever. i don't think i've had my picture taken in like a year. it's pretty pathetic, but i'd rather just not see myself and then think about how gross i look all day