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  1. is foundation the powder stuff in makeup? I dont know much about makeup, but I do know that a mans pride can be easily hurt. You should tell her that u feel uncomfortable about her telling ur friend with that u have to tell her ur insecurities about ur red marks. Communication goes a long way in any relationship.
  2. Positive thinking huh? Well I just tell myself that this acne is just a phase and it will soon fade. Knowing this I throw myself out there and meet new people and enjoy the company of new friends. Those that do judge you on your appearance are not the people you should hang out with, acne can be a great tool in weeding out those nasty people out there. So when your skin clears up you'll have friends that see you for who you are and not what you are. Have fun at uni, enjoy every moment of it but
  3. I simply try to ignore it and pretend i dont suffer from it, put myself in denial. I also tried this method with my assignments...I firstly ignore them, pretend I finished them and then get crzy stressed when i realise they are due in the next day. Yeah don't listen to my advice, it's really bad sorry :/
  4. Yuh, everyone feels the same, confidence gets a little low if your not feeling or looking your best. However, getting out of your comfort zone is always great, mainly to keep depression and bad thoughts at bay. Being with your friends is a good way to forget about your acne, when people are having a great time they tend not to notice. So next time you get called out, just say yes. I wish you all the best with getting clear. Good luck and enjoy yourself
  5. i havent changed anything, but the weather is becoming colder. I guess thats drying up my skin abit.
  6. i don't know much about fighting acne because I too am struggling. But the red marks can be faded if you use Aloe Vera from the plant or apple cider vinegar. I have tried both and the results are good. It is important to sleep early too and have atleast 8 hours.
  7. throughout the whole of summer my acne was at a minimum and my scars were healing. But just when i was makin great progress, it comes back with full force. I go back to uni in a week too, man acne hates me i now have lots of whiteheads on my forehead and 2 cysts, one around the temple region and another on my chin. On top of them i have alot of red fadin scars. Damn u acne!!! -.-
  8. The only times that I am drained physically and mentally are when my exams are looming close over my head. Acne hasn't really imposed on my life such that I feel imprisoned in my own skin, lucky for me, I owe it all to my care free attitude towards life. I suppose if you use more of that energy in enjoying life rather than worrying about the nature of what people are thinking then in some aspect Acne becomes only a minor inconvenience instead of a menacing life devouring disease. I wish you all
  9. Yuh, I kinda talked about it openly, since I couldn't hide it I didn't mind talking about it with friends and family. However, i did realise some friends were a bit mentally challenged when they asked me to use toothpaste on my pimples saying that they tried it before and it worked. Also, other friends with acne are just as insecure as you are so talking to them about it would do a great deal of help to everyone.
  10. Alrite, I kinda failed in uploading my pictures regularly because i'm a lazy sod. So I dearly apologise to everyone for my lack of commitment. But, thanks for everyone who had supported me in my acne progress :)

  11. Weekly Check I will be updating my progress every week for all to see. Would be great if you guys could give advice, thanks ^.^
  12. Haha like a very bad version of twilight, they just sparkle, we look like the monsters >.<
  13. I know what u mean, most days when ur out of the sun and in front of the mirror u feel that it's improving and that it doesnt look that bad. But, once the sun comes up and the room fills with natural light u feel like nothings changed...
  14. Dear Acne, I would like a red ferrari this year because i've been a good boy. I'd also, like some shares in apple and in other multi-billion pound companies. Thank you P.S. Santa u can go screw urself! >.< Haha I jk If i could say something to my acne i would say "genocide" in the most polite way ^.^