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  1. Hi,well i did manage to find a skin specialist in newcastle who seems to really know his stuff & he was very understanding & emailed me back straight away (dr langtry i think his name was) However after i emailed him a photo of my skin under harsh lighting he recommended that i get the co2 because punch procedures are best for people with extremely deep isolated scars.Ive now had two doctors tell me that mine are mainly superficial but the reason they look so bad is because there's alot
  2. Hey Bmarie, just wanted to say hi =)

    1. Bmarie81


      Hey there my skin :) So sorry for the delay,my internet connection's been down due to problems with my laptop & service provider,so i've really missed coming on here! Thankfully all sorted out now though.How have you been? good i hope =)

    2. FruitBiscuits


      I am going good =) Great to hear you sorted out the internet problem! How is your treatment going? I am continuing using my retin-a, but I haven't seen any improvement yet...It has been more than 3 months~ =( I hope you are doing good!

  3. Yep i know all about dr chu thanx.Problem with that is you need to be refered.Doubt my gp will refer me to see dr chu when he's in hammersmith & im in mcr. I've heard he's big on dermaroller aswell.Aint interested in that.Will ask my gp though just to be sure.
  4. Thank's for posting this.God i wish i lived in america,i'd definately go & see this guy.
  5. Hi,i understand where you're coming from because of course it's best to be safe than sorry when you're dealing with powerful stuff like 100% tca,but to 'find a proffesional' who actually is willing to treat you with something as reasonably simple and cost effective as the tca cross method is easier said than done im afraid,,especially in the uk. I'm still on the lookout for a good derm who is willing to perform either tca cross or punch tecniques but i'm coming up with nish.The only derm/surgeon
  6. Hi,i've never heard anything like it no,,& thats probably because it would'nt help.I look at it like this..(hyperthetically) if you have a small hole in your wall at home,you can put as much paint on it as you like to try and disguise it..but ultimately the hole will still be there! Talk to a derm about dermal fillers for your tiny flaw,that will do the trick.
  7. Again i can relate to you so much under the radar,it means alot to me to know that im not all alone & im so glad i finally took the plunge and joined this brilliant site.Like you i have also been a sporadic visitor of the site for a few years now,just glad ive found you,myskin & frackgirl Thanks for the inspirational quote! Once again im here if you need to talk any time,& i'll be sure to share with you any info i find on suitable treatments for our scars! we all WILL beat these god
  8. Thank's so much for the support myskin I know how hard it must be for you to be in a job where you are dealing with the public face to face,but i also admire you for doing it. Like you,im pretty much the only one in my family who has this skin problem,infact my older sister had a really bad bout of acne years ago & i remember she always used to squeeze her spots which would then bleed etc,,but not a single scar in sight! I on the other hand was so careful when i washed my face as to not kno
  9. Just reading through these last few posts has made me feel so sad because i can relate like you wouldnt believe.In my late teens & early twenties i counted on my looks for most things in life & even worked as a model from age 19 to 24. Then a sudden bout of severe cystic acne at 28 turned my world upside down! now 2yrs later the acne is under control (i was put on minocycline) but in its place is about 60 + boxcar & ice-pick scars on both medial cheeks. So i had to kiss goodbye to my
  10. Hey your scars are very similar to mine but not as wide-spread.Those are definate boxcars,doesnt look like you've got rolling scars to me.In my opinion boxcars are best treated with punch tecniques.
  11. This thread is well old but sod it,,any of you have any luck with finding a derm/doc who does excisions in the uk? Real deal?? Sam?? It's a bloody nightmare tryin to find decent derms who arent money motivated eh? £150 for a consultation is pretty disgusting in my book.Oh well.
  12. Hey again,you've most probably already seen it but there is a really good review on here about punch elevation or punch'floats',only problem is it's from 2003! To be honest though i think your best bet is to just go ahead & ask the derm that recommended it to you,after all if he performs it i'm pretty sure he'll fill you in with all the details.Just be sure to tell him you're keeping your options open & dont want to be rushed into anything.He should understand that if he's a good derm. M
  13. Hi under the radar,i'm also interested in this procedure but unfortunately like you im having difficulty finding out more about it,let alone find a derm/doc in the uk who does it! i believe it's one of the best treatment options for deep boxcar scarring,which is what i have,dnt know about you? where are you from btw?
  14. Hi,i'm looking for people who can recommend a uk derm who peforms punch tecniques,in particular punch elevation,as i understand from my endless trawling of the net & this site in particular that punch elevation is the best option for deep boxcar scarring,which i have all over both my lower cheeks.I also have ice pick scars on both my upper cheeks but they dont bother me quite as much as the boxcars.The ice pick scars are from a fairly minor break-out i had when i was 18,but the boxcars are f