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    I'm a Nursing student at the University of Texas. My interests are school, school and school for now. I just started taking Accutane (amnesteen) on March 10th.
  1. I just started accutane, and i was taking 20mg every day, but wasn't feeling good at all. I seem to be hypersensitive to ANY medication i take, including prenatal vitamins, antibiotics, general aneshtesia etc etc etc even liquor!!. just anything. So the doc put me on 20mg every other day. I just need to know if anyone has been on this low treatment, and what have your results been? Side effects? Thanks in advance = ) when did you start seeing results?
  2. So, i had to call the doc today. I was not feeling like myself today at all. Let's just say i have had problems with medications before, With prenatal vitamins (vomit), with pain medication after a surgery (vomit and nausea and dizziness) with rifampin for a positive ppd test (my liver enzymes were very high so i had to stop) i get sick from taking antibiotics and etc etc etc. So, of course, not weird that i would get sick from accutane. So, today while driving, i noticed that i was dangerously
  3. Thank you PaulH85! I hope so = )
  4. Soooo, today i feel like a have the flu, maybe it is because i really have the flu, and NOT because of the accutane. I had a headache last night, after i took my second pill, i'm trying not to pay too much attention to that, even tho' i NEVER get headaches in my life, it wasn't too too bad. It just felt like a pressure headache. Something else that's weird, is that i got my period! and i never get my period because i have an IUD, i am not sure if accutane causes changes in your menstrual cicle,
  5. Just took my second accutane pill.

    1. So this is what my face looks like on my first day. I even have some moisturizer on top of it, and it leaves the skin kind of white. So my face is more red than it looks on these pics. I really hope this accutane works, i'm 26 years old! It's time for my acne to be gone!
    2. Hello everyone, so i am new to this site. I just started accutane yesterday, march 1st, and i am freaking out about side effects. So bad i could barely sleep last night. I think i have read so much about side effects, that i'm blaming every little thing on the ONE PILL i have taken. A little ridiculous!!! But anyways, i take my pills at lunch time. I am 26 years old, and when i was a teenager i probably had one or 2 pimples, when i turned 23, my face went crazy! and then at 24 i got pregnant wit