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  1. Niing

    Spiro Question

    I believe I did gain a little weight in my butt and a little in my chest, but that's not a bad thing. I am starting to think perhaps it was the sunscreen because I broke out badly last time I put on sun screen.
  2. Seriously you should stick with it. It will work
  3. Actually now that I think about it, my butt has gotten bigger. I thought maybe I was just eating too much.
  4. Niing

    Spiro Question

    Nope! It's like a miracle. Seriously, it takes a long time to work, but when it works, it's great. So you don't think it's the dong quai? The weird part is everytme I look up dong quai acne on google, it says it prevents acne.
  5. So I got on spiro in February because I was reading all of these posts about how it helps hormonal acne. I've been using it with birth control. It just started becoming amazing lately. The whole month of May my skin was clear. I just started taking Dong quai supplement for health last week everyday. I broke out today. Is it from the Dong quai, do you think? I also was out in the sun all day yesterday at an amusement park, I'm hoping the breakout was just due to that, because I'