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  1. Are you in the USA? I get that the most effective option appears to be Accutane, but it is also a very harsh drug that can be very difficult to take. I think it's really important to find the Accutane logs page (that still exists right?! I've not been on since the new look) and read through peoples experience. I'm not sure I'd have chosen to go on a drug with all the side effects accutane has if I could just use a cream, you know. The reason the user above will have mentioned your age is be
  2. I found that when I came of Accutane it was easier to work out what actually broke me out as my skin had been clear so it was easier to notice- if that makes sense. Maybe have a think about what you've eaten and see if cutting it out works? You could also go to your Dr for a topical. The idea that accutane stays in your body for a month I think is based on it's half life, but if your liver or body has metabolised it thats irrelevant, its more if it stores it, which it might not do if you
  3. I had most of those symptoms you mentioned for the first few weeks of Accutane, and they did stop as my body became accustomed to it. -Your skin will get worse at the beginning - I found it stopped me sleeping, then made me tired all the time- this went on it's own, but accutane can cause dehydration which can have similar effects so make sure you are drinking LOTS of water, and only water (not squash or juice). - Accutane can cause joint aches, might just be an idea to slow down the exerci
  4. that's absolutely fine and im sorry you feel you've been damaged by accutane, but you shouldn't judge the severity of a drug on what it does to a fetus which is all i said to you. it doesn't have any correlation to effects on adults at all. C'mon man. If it can cause birth defects of such severity imagine what it actually is doing to the rapidly diving cells within the body. It takes years of alcohol abuse to destroy organs within the body. Accutane can do that in a matter of weeks or months. I
  5. One of the members on here was on the show. I personally have no interest in watching it, surprisingly BBC science shows are always badly informed and contain a lot of spin.
  6. What is the difference between BB creams in Asia and everywhere else in the world? Exactly what I said, theyre full of crap and chemicals. Companies took their current tinted moisturisers and stuck BB cream labels on them as they believed the consumer wouldnt know any better. Where as in asia they were actually thought out new a product.
  7. The holistic forum looks at natural ways to cure acne normally through supplementation and diet. It is found on the main board index, or this link here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/forum/16-nutrition-holistic-health/
  8. I don't think changing your diet for a month would truly be long enough. All skin treatments should be tested for 3 months as that allows a complete renewal cycle. If you are all out of medical options I really think you should give that another go. If you are getting spots every day you probably wont notice what breaks you out, so I would have a look at the holistic forums and check other peoples triggers and go with it. I would have thought cutting out gluten is a good idea at first. If yo
  9. You've said you are the tallest in your famiy so I am wondering how you have figured out you have 'small bones'. Have you had an xray? Realistically most people have the same size bones, if you've not had numerous breaks then you probably also have the same bone density. If you think you are lanky then I'm afraid that sounds like luck of the draw, and hey, because you grew that bit more then the rest of your family. You probably have a higher metabolism, and naturally have a different body shape
  10. A lot of topicals do make it worse, as they cause everything to surface. Acne treatment is all about the long game, and you really have to try things out for a few months to see if they will work. However a lot of them are quite irritating so a gentle cleanser and good moisturiser always help!
  11. Breaking out on your lips might indicate an allergy to something in one of the chapsticks. I have been using carmex, since it has lanolin in, you can buy lanolin on its own and its meant to be very good, in the US I believe it is the same thing as bag balm. When dealing with dry lips I've found honey and sugar scrubs help, as you need to get rid of the dead skin before you can moisturise the rest. If cracking is a real problem I would talk to your Dr about a hydrocortisone cream/gel or som
  12. I think if you are having these doubts then you need to reconsider being with him. There are boys who will love you even with bad skin. I hate not wearing make-up with my bf, but I know he doesnt care, he'll say things like 'Its not that bad' 'but it takes you sooo long to do your makeup and I want to have fun' and most of the time not even seem to notice. Also everyone is good at something that another person isnt. My ex bf probably never would have earned the same amount of money as me for
  13. I dont think it's noticeable personally but you could try a tinted or green moisturiser? It might take the edge off.
  14. If you have been on it a long time, even at a low dose the chances are you will have reached your cumulative dose. You can work it out, add up all the accutane youve taken, then divide it by your body weight in Kgs and you should have a number around 120-150, if its in that range (or higher) you've met it. There are lots of other options you could use for your skin. If accutane is causing you problems, come of it and try something else. By your own statement your acne isnt severe and cystic
  15. If you go to an estee lauder counter they will give you a 10 day sample of it over here, assume its the same in the us. might be worth it as is a little pricey!