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  1. Wow, normally when your a teenager you splash your cash on the finest clothes and games. Not me :/ Most of my money goes on facial washes and moisturizers which I end up not using after a while because I don't get any results. For a while now I've had what I'd describe as an eruption of small tiny bumps all over my forehead, some were white heads. Anf it's weird because my skin is pretty okay on my face, besides my forehead. It really does look horrible to me, I'm cringing right now because
  2. http://www.highonhealth.org/how-to-identify-the-root-cause-of-your-acne-just-by-looking-at-your-skin/ I've just discovered that the cause of my acne may be from an overgrowth of fungus. The symptoms he described mirrors my acne completely! After trying all sort of products and supplemnets without nay real results and no direction, I actually think I might be getting somewhere. What would we do without the internet eh <3 Check out the link, i think i might really help you find the appro