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  1. im getting my first fraxel tomorrow but im freaked out bc my skin is normally red and im terrified this will do more damage
  2. So fraxel vets, is it safe to say the downtime is slightly less than say a TCA peel??
  3. Just have a couple questions that need to be answered by fraxel vets.....my 'normal' color is kind of a pinkish/red thanks to 2 exoderm peels.....will fraxel make that condition worse?? Also my first fraxel treatment is next tuesday....i have the whole week off after that and return to work on monday...will i still be red from treatment?
  4. billyboy...i dont need high settings all over my face on normal skin....just the isolated scarred areas i want to hit hard
  5. Hi...question, if i have fraxel on friday with low settings on my face, with isolated high settings on the scarring, will i be able to go to work on monday?
  6. whyme?


  7. Hey amigababy, long time no talk...im still around....for the author of this post, my advice is to do fraxel laser instead of exoderm....ive had two exoderms now, the first was cool, the redness was gone in 7 weeks...this second one has been a nightmare...im still a little red 4 months post procedure....go with a different option is my advice
  8. Fraxel is by far the best laser out there now, anyone who says differently is full of shit...Another good thing about fraxel is it just raised the bar for other laser companies...now they have to come out with something that can deliver better results with the no downtime
  9. Sean, I would only recommend exoderm if you have 10 weeks to take off...the problem? You take 10 weeks off and the world will pass you by...i just cant emphasize how silly it is now, when we have the newer technology in these lasers....i was stupid stupid stupid, in August
  10. Sean, my advice....ive had two exoderms now....my advice is dont do it...the fraxel laser will give similar results and no downtime...you will be able to get on with your life without being red for 9-10 weeks....plus fraxel is cheaper...definetly go with the fraxel...you dont know how bad it sucks to be red this long...another reason why my first exoderm experience was easier was bc i was a student at the time and could grow a beard and wear a baseball cap low everyday, which helped alot in hidi
  11. it was a different doctor...the first time they put alot more of the green mask on me and he did my eyelids and everything so it was all even....god i wish i could just be back to normal
  12. im really starting to get scared...i just want to be back to normal
  13. If i could go back i would never have done this exoderm...this second experience has been much worse than the first....after the first i remember the redness being gone 7 weeks after the procedure....today is 8 weeks for me and im still red and self conscious....he didnt do my eyelids so i have a red line right under my eyebrow and it doesnt seem to be fading at all....a scar on my temple may have become hypopigmented, but i cant really tell because the skin around it is red...this just really s
  14. another thing amigababy...i think it would be perfectly fine for you to do the TCA cross and needling...i was just thinking, some people go back to dr rullan for exoderm touch ups only two weeks after the initial procedure
  15. im 23...i think the oiliness was about the same....im wishing i didnt do this exoderm though, and had just gotten a bunch of fraxel trewatments