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Aseer Ahmed

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  1. Aseer Ahmed

    Acne And Mastribution

    hey guys , this is my first blog so wish me luck.i was wondering that my acne had reduced by the regimen as u can see from my pic. but me as a boy watch alot of porn and mastribute and get acne .so lets see what happens if i dont mastribute currently on day 13. wish me luck!i know i dont need luck i have to stop to watch porn.anyway wish me luck
  2. Aseer Ahmed


    relax bro ! cause its nothing serious everybody has some underlying acne , though i should recommend u to try apply vaseline on it few times a day .hope it helps bro !!!!!!!!!!
  3. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Aseer Ahmed

    What I See In Front Of A Mirror, (My Acne Story)

    same here ,but i kept on pushing my self to the edge and finally got the shit out of it. i am a clear but still have some pustuls and some scars and spots , there is a lot to do , a lot to achieve, a lot to recover and i have got plenty of time if i would ever get there! but never back down people, because wht makes the survivors different from those who lose all hope is the will to survive!