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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm just curious to find out whether anyone else predictably gets small cystic acne (i.e. small painful lumps) on their forehead a couple of days after eating eggs? Luckily I don't really like them so I don't lose much sleep over avoiding them but I just find it interesting that it specifically causes that type of acne only on my forehead. Lee.
  2. I have inflammatory acne and I'm involved with some kind of sport/exercise everyday. I actually find working up a sweat helps calm down breakouts and makes my skin feel tonnes better. My advice is to make sure that, as soon as you've finished whatever sport you're doing, you wash your face in cool water (cold showers are ideal) to cool your body temperature and direct blood away from the skin; then follow with a good moisturiser. Don't wait. I found that when I waited too long to wash afterwar
  3. Yeah intermittent fasting. True their is a lot of research to go, but I feel a lot better using this method as I previously had energy/digestion problems during morning training. Very true eggs and nuts are two of the most nutrient dense foods, however I have tried eggs 3 times in the past year and a half (each time maintaining the same diet and exercise regime) and each time I had a very specific reaction (large, hard spots only on my forehead). As for nuts although they contain great nutrie
  4. It definitly is dietary because if I were to eat a weeks worth of dairy, eggs and high O-6 nuts my face would be peeling off within a couple of days. Also since adopting this diet (about 3-4 months on and off) although I visibly have acne I can't tell its there, i.e. no burning, itching, soreness etc. I started not eating until mid-day when I came across a theory stating that our body works in three cycles: digestion, absorption and detoxification - i was interested so i tried it, but not for
  5. @TreatAcne Thanks for the advice. I am aware of who alternativista is and have read some of her posts, but unfortunately I have very little time for extra reading, let alone actually taking it in haha. @Jen0489x I have just bought some Quinoa (red, wild and normal) and definitly intend to reduce my rice consumption. I do eat quite alot of leafy greens (e.g. spinach, spring greens etc.) but not everyday which is why i left them out of the list. @Green Gables I have no doubt that it was an h
  6. I changed my diet about 2 months ago and it is currentlyas follows: - No food until mid day (except 1 apple/banana and 1 pear) - brown rice pasta (100g - pre cooked weight) + with coconut oil, ground coriander, and coriander leaf - Peas (steamed) - 2 large Carrots (steamed) - 1/2 tin canned skipjack tuna - 1 large sweet potato (baked) - Cauliflower (steamed) - Broccoli (steamed) - Beetroot - King prawns or canned sardines (in brine) - Brown rice (200g - pre cooked weight
  7. Yeah I had beef a couple of times 2 months ago, which triggered me, but I had many potential trigger foods in that week so I can't be sure it was the prime factor. I am fine with lamb though. Fruits are definitly the next foods to be added to my 'safe' list, I like pears but they certainly arn't the most flavourful of fruits! I have never heard of Teff flour....just googled it really impressed with the calcium, protein and carbohydrate contents (160mg, 10g, 60g, per 100g, respectively), shame I
  8. Hi, I keep writing down all the things I try (and their relative success) and ultimately I always lose the sheets! So I have decided to log my progress on here. Previously I was trying a hypoallergenic style diet with various supplements (Omega 3's, Vitamin C, probiotic). After finishing uni for their year I've had time to really understand how the immune/digestive/endocrine systems work and my current plan is definitly showing results. Here is my progress. June 1st (Approx.) As I pr
  9. Wow, that must cost a fair bit! Fruit is by far the most expensive food I buy..
  10. I don't think anger is something that is easy to control, that is our idealistic mind thinking we have control over emotions, it is like going in against nature. If I could at that moment once a week I would choose to get rid of it straight away. It could in fact make it worse holding emotions back. It is a bit like fear, stress or being sad, you have to be something of a monk to control some emotions, it takes a lot of skill. Stress was already there because I am unhappy with the scars, this is
  11. You have sort of asked a trick question. There are high medium and low classified G.I. foods which zoomzoom has posted a link to BUT the G.I. shouldn't really be used to guide a diet.... Important things to remember are: - If you eat a high GI food, eat proteins, fibre and fats with it to slow its digestion (e.g. White potato (High G.I.) + chicken (protein) + vegetables (fibre) = low G.I. meal) - Avoid eating excessive carbs/doubling up (e.g. my flatmate had jacket potato, on toast, with pasta
  12. I like this post! Theres two for me, right next to the lip (constantly burns!) or on your forehead. I play football (soccer) and there is no worse pain than heading a ball on a cold day when you have a spot right there! OUCH!
  13. I used to get angry, but to be honest being angry about it isn't going to do anything other than potentially make it worse via stress, or just make you feel bad in general. Both of which make you miss out on positive things! If you feel like your getting angry just put it into perspective...
  14. Don't go for the 'cover it up with a ton of make-up look'. Me and some friends were talking about excessive make-up the other day and we came to the conclusion that as soon as it becomes noticable its a massive turn-off, plus nothing screams insecure more than loaaaaads of make-up. I'm not saying don't use any, I understand that girls get a confidence kick out of if, but don't go mad.
  15. Hi everyone, This has been on my mind for a while recently so I just want to air it! I was thinking recently about my lifestyle before I got acne (about 15-16 years old) and my lifestyle now, and came to the conclusion that when I finally work out what's causing it/cure it, I wont regret the past 4-5 years of stress that it has caused! Firstly it has really toughened me up psychologically, like at first I hated being in public places, especially those where you're being judged on your a