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  1. lapis lazuli You are totally right. I feel so ridiculous getting all worked up about this, it's just a scab right? I'm going to try to keep my head up, although of course it's easier said than done. What IS the worst that could happen? I think my biggest fear would be someone calling me out on it. My dad wouldn't hesitate to do that at all. When someone calls you out it's just like a huge blow to the self esteem. You spend your whole day trying to tell yourself "this is all in your head nobody
  2. I'm going to Pennsylvania tomorrow to visit the ruins of my house which burned down after hurricane sandy (it was electrical). We are staying at a beautiful resort/spa. There's an indoor pool that Im sure my parents will expect me to swim in-which will involve removing my makeup D: plus I'm supposed to train horses everyday for the stable nearby. All with this huge scab under my eye, and marks all over the place. The scab was the result of picking,which I'm trying so hard to stop. I've been do
  3. Hello all, I've been using Paula's Choice 2% bha gel since it came in the mail a few days ago to treat my (mostly) comedonal acne. It's been working great, although I've broken out with many tiny whiteheads across my forehead. Oh well. An initial breakout of that ilk was expected. What I've been doing these last few days is dan's cleanser (every few days differin 0.3%) and dan's moisturizer in the morning. In the evening i use dan's cleanser, bha, and then dan's moisturizer. Then i put vasel
  4. My skin was just starting to clear up. I've been on differin since the end of June and have had decent results so far. But I have 2 shallow pink indents between my eyes that have shown some, although very little, improvement. However a couple weeks ago I noticed a comedone on one of the indents. I hoped it would go away but it just kept growing and growing. So I tried and failed to pop it. Now the whole area is red and swollen. The comedone is still there, although open and red. I leave for ban
  5. hey its been a couple of weeks and now its just a shallow indentation. slightly red but nothing bad at all. aloe, manuka honey, and neosporin did nothing for it. i tried eucerin healing ointment and it was significantly better the next day. down to this indentation in about 4 days. Who would have thought! the stuff is 41% petroleum. but hey if it works it works any tips on getting rid of the indentation?
  6. Yeah I've tried that but didn't get any results. The oil just kinda sat on my skin but didn't do anything for the textures. It's great for removing flakes tho I currently have an aquaphor healing ointment of some sort on the area around my mouth cos that's where the dryness is the worst. But that stuff is 41% petroleum and therefore not a longterm solution right? What to do? Everyone says that the dryness will go away but if yu treat te dryness then does yur skin ever get used to the bp?
  7. I've been on the regimen for about a month and a half and it helped with my acne but my skin feels like leather. There are no visible flakes but it's sore and tight. Smiling hurts. My skin looks dull. I'm only 15 years old, is this too harsh on my skin? What do I do? I tried am Latin moisturiser a couple of days ago (it has 12% lactic acid) and I've been using it nightly but I haven't noticed a difference other than the agonising burn when I put it on lasting for 10-15 minutes. Because of that
  8. brace yourself, this is pretty yuck so im almost clear, but being an obsessive picker (trying to break this habit) i attacked a tiny comedone bump thing, turning it into this scab monster. spectacular. Thing is if i apply pressure to it with my finger or something it feels very slightly raised and sore. i kept manuka honey and a bandaid over it last night and into noon-ish today but that didnt seem to do much. so i applied tea tree oil, let that sit and then put aloe vera over that. but t
  9. This is me venting. I know this site isn't exactly for family problems. Nor am I asking any kind of specific question. I just need to write this down because I'm losing it. I'm new to this site. My names Madison. Im 15 years old with mild-moderate acne. But my mom has had it cystic for maybe 7 years. My dads an alcoholic. I don't talk about it much but for some reason it's easier to write. Sometimes when he gets drunk he tries to hurt me or my little brother. But drunk or not hes a bit of a bu
  10. Thank you for yur response! I'll try to pick some up at trader joe's or something
  11. Hey guys I'm starting the regimen soon my order is expected to be here at the beginning of April... And I ordered it at the end of February :/ However, I didn't realise when I ordered the stuff that it was recommended that yu purchase jojoba oil with it to add to the moisturiser. Given the horrible shipping time and the fact that what I have already ordered cost me $50 I was wondering if I could use something that I already have. Vitamin e. I've seen mixed results about vitamin e everywhere. B
  12. Hey guys this is my first post. And this is a very new account too. But I've been on the website for months desperately trying to clear up my mild-moderate acne. I'm sure it doesn't sound that bad, but spots are spots. My acne wasn't huge pimples, but they were....there. Plus as someone who picks at everything, they were even more visible. Specifically on my forehead, bridge of my nose (this is the worst), and chin. But for some reason I've never broken out on my cheeks. Knock on wood. But it's