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  1. AliJay321

    Covers well. Very natural looking. Leaves skin super oily. Expensive. Hard to find the right color for my face. You have to use a lot. It's a great powder because it covers a lot and that is a plus because my acne is horrible. It doesn't look caked on. I don't like that it makes my face oily, but other than that it's pretty nice.
    This cleanser gives you that tingly feeling. Leaves skin smooth. Reduces bumps a little. Doesn't really help with redness. Drys skin out a little. Stung my face. Not too good for sensitive skin. It's an okay cleanser. I found that the more I used it the more acne I got. So I would recommend using this product maybe twice a week or so.
  2. AliJay321

    Great for sensitive skin. Removes most makeup. It takes a lot of the product to cover my face. You have to put in some extra muscle to get your makeup off. Kinda pricey. This cleanser is magic for sensitive skin! It's very gentle and I just got it two days ago and my face feels a lot cleaner and the redness in my face looks like it's clam down =]!