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  1. I appreciate your help. It helps to have someone even listen to me. I have scoured many studies, but it honestly doesn't help me because the conclusions find nothing that I can do. There is no understanding of the root cause of this; all I see are suggestions for cosmetic work to try undoing the scarring. And I fear even that doing cosmetic work like needling or lasers could possibly worsen the skin more because we have no understanding of what the state of skin health is for AMVC sufferers, i.e
  2. I have tried. Have been to alternative doctors, allergists...no one can find out what is wrong. I also have random twitching and buzzing sensations that started around the time this scarring did. No help from any doctor. You have to understand how horrible a lotta doctors (even specialists) out there are. Me being in the US doesn’t help either (or system here sucks). I have cut coffee completely and have tried cutting sugar. I have avoided fish like the plague since the statements in this t
  3. I never had a biopsy done. I can't exactly walk into a derm and explain this disease and demand a biopsy (esp during this pandemic where services and things are so restricted). I'd say nine out of ten derms I have gone to just suggest using a retinol or getting laser done. Only one derm I went to in 2013 at UCLA (who was terrible) suggested it but was borderline sarcastic with me and said she wouldn't suggest goin through with it given my scarring. And besides, with my biopsy alone, it wouldn't
  4. I just don't get how people share their experience and just vanish. I've PM-ed so many posters and their last log-ins are like 5+ years ago. AMVC doesn't play the same for every individual. Some claim they have random scarring then it just stops after a months and never comes back. Then some claim to have been suffering for years (myself 7 years now). I just want consistency and communication so we can maybe figure something out. This is a disease that's documented in research and is not "made u
  5. I'm not sure if you were trying to portray a positive mindset or be funny, because there's nothing funny about suffering from this. At all.
  6. Projecting and talking to a wall, but why has no one from the past 30+ pages who believes they have AMVC as well come back? We have 15 years of people discussing this disease, well way before I started suffering from it. I would love to start something to push awareness and push the dermatological field to research more into this but no one responds. I've PM-ed so many members and I get crickets.
  7. Any updates from anyone? I have spoken with some people from Realself and Reddit but otherwise have not seen any life on this thread.
  8. I don't think it's fair for anyone to say this guy's issues aren't serious or that he should have his post "deleted." Yes, many people have skin much worse than his in terms of scarring, but a lot of us were in his shoes at one point. He's lucky it hasn't gotten worse. I've gone through periods where every pimple would leave a pit (and I've never gone on accutane or used a retinol). I would echo stopping any accutane or retinol if you haven't already. Exfoliate regularly and just maint
  9. Isn't this a spot sticker for pimples? It's available on Amazon, and it does nothing for scarring. Works decently for cysts.
  10. Are there any updates from anyone or people experiencing this? I don't get why this thread is so dead...this is a serious issue (albeit with zero cure and low chance of a positive diagnosis or understanding from medical professionals). I have connected with people on Reddit who have experienced this random scarring too. This thread, however, is the biggest source online for this exact issue. Fifteen years' worth of people experiencing this.
  11. Any updates from anyone? I know the world is focused on the coronavirus currently, which is more important than this, but would love to hear updates or new occurrences from anyone.
  12. I've been talking to myself in this thread for months. Does anyone have experience with coffee/tea contributing to this? I read from this thread that those drinks can contribute to random scarring. You're fortunate to not be suffering from this. I've had this shit for 7 years now to no end. Some people experienced this horror and had it stop in a few months. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
  13. People responding here are missing his bigger cry for help. I've suffered from what seems to be AMVC for 7 years now and it has completely destroyed my facial skin texture. Anish004 probably has started having spontaneous scarring and is very sad and feeling unattractive. I've been there when I first had the scarring happen and still have had some very low moments so many years later. It's not about having "just a few scars" and "other people have it worse." Those of you bashing him need to
  14. Weird, I quoted you but my response vanished. Good to hear you are seeing an improvement. I was young when this scarring started but it never fully went away. It seemed to have stopped for a couple of years or so but started up again a year ago for me. I just started cutting out dairy completely from my diet mainly because of cystic acne, so we’ll see where that goes. And I have heard of taking antihistamines, but just don’t want to rely on taking a pill everyday. It can’t be good in t
  15. Thank you for sharing. I'm sorry you have this happening. There really seems to be a connection between doxycycline being taken and/or retinols being topically applied and this scarring later happening. And for some, over-exfoliation causing it. Whether this scarring stops or not really varies by person. I've personally been having this shit for 6 years now, with March 2020 marking 7. I'm not sure how your doctor visit went, but most dermatologists are not helpful whatsoever. And Derma