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  1. I have never taken Accutane before. I don't know how the skin of any Accutane user who claims AMVC started for them is like now because NO ONE in this thread will come back to give updates or anything. No one wants to speak on it, and I don't know why. I have only heard of some people who claim AMVC stopped for them...but they're left with the damage from scarring and don't know how to fix it. People are scared to persue cosmetic work saying it can "worsen" their skin. No one can help.
  2. No one knows. There is no understanding of why. But you are one of MANY in this thread who claim Accutane left their skin like this. I saw a derm earlier this week for a growth I need to have removed. I told her about AMVC and she said there is a family of atrophia skin diseases that unfortunately are hard to treat and this is one of them. She asked if I ever have had eczema before, which I have, and she said it's possible a certain skin protein from eczema that is inside the skin causes th
  3. I'm not wingman1, but the reason doctors suggest cosmetic work is because AMVC is NOT understood or known by most medical professionals. They just see acne scarring and suggest cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance. Microneedling is a popular procedure but not for everyone; even people with non-scarred skin or non-AMVC acne scarring can have an adverse effect on their skin. I don't know if the same can be said for lasers or peels though. I have a fear that those with AMVC will not be abl
  4. Thanks. Yeah unfortunately from my understanding microneedling can make skin look worse for some individuals, regardless of AMVC or not -- but generally, it is not supposed to, and skin worsening is a sign that something isn't right since microneedling essentially is pumping your immune system to work. I'm unsure about dermatologists -- most are of zero help. I don't know what this Dr. Aseem Sharma could do. Then again, I have never spoken with a dermatologist who has actually worked on pap
  5. Thank you. I read through her post but I don't believe this is my issue. I have never had a metallic taste in my mouth nor have I had ringing in my ears and just zero energy. Has anyone in this thread tried using a retinoid or retinol? I know many pages back years ago, many members felt topical vitamin A "caused" spontaneous scarring or made it worse. I have not been able to find anyone who either saw improvement from using it over time or undergoing any kind of cosmetic treatment.
  6. I have. Tests indicate I am within range but possibly on the lower range of the scale. I took B12 orally for a month or so but felt no real improvement. And I worry too about B12 supplements because it can aggravate acne too. And I have ever heard of any paper stating an actual possible cause for AMVC. If you find whatever you claim to have seen this in, please link it here.
  7. I had to comment here because they've been popping up on my IG ads on/off the past few years. I gotta give it to Slurp...they're probably utilizing AI technology to create accounts and leave glowing reviews all over. I want this item to be real as much as the next scar-sufferer, but Slurp had to think beyond 5-star reviews. I know Niacid got some press in the UK but if really were THIS true of a breakthrough, it would've rocked the beauty industry and made lists in beauty magazines worldwide. It
  8. I'm not sure which image I posted that you're referring to, as I have posted many in here throughout the years. I have had a line near my left eyebrow (right eyebrow in pics)...that line comes and goes on its own. The random nasolabial fold I posted about has gone away on its own. It spawned randomly on its own too. Again, my concern, like with many others here, is the acne scarring that is spontaneous. They form without the presence of any trauma or known pimples forming. I have also notic
  9. I haven't had metals put in my body and have undergone a shit ton of tests that have found nothing. I have random twitching in my body and my face/scalp is most severe. Zip-zap prickling sensations. Fasciculations. Think of a bug jumping around. I also have random sharp pains throughout my body for no reason. I appreciate your help and positivity. You have to understand I come back on thread so much to keep pushing with the hope that someone will find something one day. I have written about
  10. I was gonna respond to each point but am struggling to finish work at 9:30pm and it's not worth it. I've had this for EIGHT years. You don't know what I have been through (not sure how long your suffering with this was). I have always cared about my looks so this has destroyed my soul. If you don't have spontaneous scarring anymore, then you are lucky. You're one of the lucky ones for whom it stopped for -- but it hasn't for me. For a brief few years it did seem to stop (2014-2017) but it came b
  11. Then what can we do? We literally have nothing we can do to try improving our skin. There are no other options to healing your skin. Everywhere you go, it's lasers and peels and microneedling. Using a simple skincare routine will not heal any of your scars.
  12. I appreciate your time in being positive. To start, I already have a very simple routine, and have had for years. Simple cleanser, no-frills moisturizer, and a strong SPF. I have a light essence after washing but outside of the norm, that is it. I exfoliate once a month or ~3 weeks with a salicylic acid/mandelic acid peel from Makeup Artists Choice. I recently bought a serum-oil that I first used early on when my random scarring started, that had helped completely get rid of a linear scar that r
  13. I don't know how you can be so positive about something this destructive. THIS is not "not that bad."
  14. I appreciate your positivity, but this is different for everyone. I care about my looks and always have. I feel like a monster. I have lost all confidence.