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  1. Definitely not the case. I’ve applied the antifungal stuff for over a week on my kneecaps to zero improvement.
  2. Neither. Also, I didn’t mention. I tend to have imprint marks that stay on the skin for a long time (ex. short jeans pressed against legs; the imprint marks will last for a long time). But this seems to be internal? Not sure if this is related to the random scarring.
  3. Right, totally got it. I guess it's worth a shot. Do you think terbenafine will be better than clotrimazole? Or does it really not matter and just try one of them to start?
  4. Gotcha on the virus thing. Strange though. I had a skin scraping done on my face back when the scarring started and the autopsy found nothing (the scraping was for any fungal infections, mites, etc.). Also, wouldn't this "fungus" be something internal, if anything? It looks like these scars are being caused by something underneath the skin. How would topically applying this heal it? And this is safe to use on the face? Most of those clotrimazole topicals are referred to as "jock itch/f
  5. Appreciate your help. So what does the clotrimazole topical antifungal cream do for these scars? It won't lessen their appearance, will they? And are you saying to not moisturize my face at all? That makes no sense. It is hard to avoid the scarred areas as is. Also, has this method worked for anyone? I have suspected something fungal based off appearance alone, but doctors haven't been able to help. Has anyone gone this antifugnal cream route and stopped their random scarring for
  6. Yes, I've heard that theory before, but there is no medical professional whom I can go to for this possibility. Who's gonna take you seriously, you know? Everyone will just think I'm crazy or obsessing over "aging." I've even gone to naturopaths who haven't been helpful. These scars are so hard to capture on camera and don't seem as obvious as in person, but here's a shot. I drew on the images to indicate near where they are. These are the linear ones that have spawned over the past half ye
  7. I'm totally digging up a comment over a year old, but I cannot agree enough with you. I colored in red the exact text. 100 effin agree. I'm extremely upset due to new scars that have pawned within the past month., and my mood nosedived post-haircut today when I looked in my car vanity mirror and noticed a new shallow boxcar pit and what looks like a random smile line. I had acne from high school to college, and at its worst (senior year of high school), I was miserable. But looking back, at
  8. Thanks for that info. Do you have the link to that case study? And I know I am speaking to an empty room, but does anyone else here who seems to have this skin issue have any positive ANA results? I really want to know because I cannot be the only sufferer who has had autoimmune disease bloodwork done. I have to wait til August to see the rheumatologist I had previously gone to, so am sitting this out. I had indented lines form on my kneecaps as well, so it may be a sign of something o
  9. It means Antinuclear Antibody. It is a blood marker. I don’t believe every person who’s reached out for help on this thread has 100% stopped with spontaneous scarring. I’ve had it for 6 years now. It kinda stopped for a year or two but came back, and I’m getting deep linear scars. And Lamar rarely comes back into this thread.
  10. Why is this thread so dead? No one from previous pages or posts is coming back. So frustrating, and no one has commented on my last findings.
  11. Reviving a super old thread, but are there any updates from anyone in this thread? I’ve been one of the more active members in the AMVC thread for a year or so now. I continue to have random pits and linear scars form. I recently saw a few dermatologists overseas, and one who actually was willing to listen to my about random scarring suggested I do a retest of a positive ANA screening I had in some bloodwork from years ago; she also prescribed me a topical azelaic acid cream (I refused Diff
  12. Has anyone with this random scarring ever had any kind of positive ANA result? I’ve had a positive reading twice, but have not followed up on further testing to see what it could be.
  13. I went to a second dermatologist while I was in Taiwan and while she (like many) has never heard of AMVC before, she took a look at bloodwork I had done which showed a positive for some sort of ANA. She said it could maybe explain the scarring I have. She suggested I follow up on the bloodwork again since my initial ANA positive reading stemmed from a lupus panel I had had done at a naturopath. And since I refused Differin as a topical (due to all the vitamin A horror stories from here), she pre
  14. Welp, the visit was a bust. The dermatologist, like many mentioned on here, dismissed my scarring claims and just said everything was caused by acne. Waited so long at the hospital just for that. The dermatologist wouldn’t listen to anything I had to say either.