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  1. Just to update, unfortunately when I used this on my shoulders after 24 hours I got irritant contact dermatitis (something I often get with alot of lotions). It was actually tender and welting in those areas, so not a normal response After a few days it's getting better. oh well, I still love this AHA on my face, not sure why it works in one area and not the other, but I won't overthink this, my skin is just a mystery at times. I'm finding that bragg's apple cider vinegar mixed with distil
  2. No I live in Pennsylvania, but not a ton of choices in my area, so I do order items online at times, dan's products included. I do love his aha and his BP, in fact I used his benzoyl peroxide on my back and chest each night for years, and have been 100% clear for years, but with KP it's a different story. Unfortunately bp doesn't do anything for that, trust me I tried. I continue to use it on my face each night though, and I can still use the BP on my chest, so no harm done I guess. Did th
  3. Thanks very much. I justt enjoy the fact that Dan's AHA absorbs well, and doesn't feel gummy/doesn't absorb well. My face seems to like his AHA, so maybe my back will too. Darn KP, so annoying! I can't find the eucerin around my area,perhaps online, but I figured I could try something that is in my cupboard before breaking the bank.
  4. So long story short, after several dermatologist tests and even a biopsy, I have been diagnosed with keratosis pilaris on my back, arms, and even the bends of my elbows. It's not terrible like it was a few months ago, more mild now, and It has improved with apple cider vinegar believe it or not, but my derm gave me prescription amlactin 10 days ago. I started using it and do not like it, it is gummy, hard to apply, makes my skin sticky all day, and I feel like it's not really helping, in fact
  5. i wonder what symptoms of high cortisol are....hmmmm. i just know that i am often extremely stressed and have been diagnosed with anxiety and have been taking medication for quite some time for it, so my stress levels are always high. i was more focused on the assistance it gives to my stomach and getting rid of bad bacteria. and the helping decrease the p. acnes bacteria from the inside, not just the outside :] thats a nice bonus to read.....but mostly my stomach lol
  6. Thanks! I think I saw some at the local gnc so I may try it if it tastes good!
  7. I have been taking licorice root for almost 2 weeks, as very short time, for other problems ( I have a stomach ulcer, ugh). I am working on healing it, taking probiotics, but needed something to help with bad bacteria, h. pylori, more than a probiotic can do. I wanted to use this stuff before antibiotics (appt. with a specialist in a few weeks, but I do know from my ER visit due to extreme pain that it is an ulcer), because antibiotics are so hard on your body. Long story short I feel better,
  8. same happens to me because i'm fair skinned. after a few months and acne.org aha lotion mine disappear.
  9. i noticed awhile back my aha was about to expire and wasnt working like usual. when i ordered and started the new bottle it was back to normal. this could be the issue to consider.
  10. antibiotics can mess up your system, but you can always take a probiotic to keep your good bacteria. when i was in junior high i took antibiotics and they worked well but after i stopped it was the same old acne until i introduced benzoyl peroxide.
  11. I know there are ingredients that claim to be comedogenic in this lotion. I have been using it for years along with the cerave foaming cleanser. I recently tried dan's cleanser and like it much better, i feel like cerave foaming wash left a film and stuff, but dan's wash just leaves you clean and nice, me likeee So I will be switching and already ordered a large bottle. I wonder if cerave wash was clogging my pores a bit, but now that I am using a new facewash I am reassesing my cerave
  12. mmmmm dandelion root tasting like chocolate! I can get on board with that cvd! Where could I find dandelion root tea? I don't think that's something the local wal mart would carry lol.
  13. Does this tea have caffeine? I need caffeine in the morning!
  14. I like it in small amounts so far, ie in coffee everyonce and a while, if i am sauteeing vegetables, I like the taste and I bought a good kind so i think it is a healthy alternative with no bad effects in moderation. thanks guys!
  15. Anyone else? seems like everyone reacts differently hhhmmm.... maybe ill start with using 1 to 2 times per week just a teaspoon in food and ill see how it goes.