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  1. It's been a while!

  2. after 2 years and a lot of shit, im back on "it".
  3. Merry Christmas, Nat! Hope you have a good one! =)

  4. Hey Nat, long time no see, just thought I'd pop by and say hello! :)

  5. just curious if anyone knew if cutting an accutane pill in half is safe or not. those things are really big...
  6. ive always wondered about that...and like accutane? it dries the hell out of your skin, depleting it of all moisture. surely that cannot be good for someone who is getting wrinkles annnnd acne. oh gosh that would suck if i still had acne when i had wrinkles too...
  7. well heres all that has essentially taken place in my life: i had to stop taking accutane, graduated high school, went to europe and moved to chicago to study at a university and just finished my first year. i just don't post much...im on aim like all the time still though haha eye of the tiger is fun too. it reminds me of basketball players for some reason...haha
  8. i totally remember this too. the boy was the one with the mute mother who tried to commit suicide. i would've slapped ruthie if that little asshole ever asked me what was wrong with me face! what a memorable episode. i still love that show. i watch the reruns on abc family allll the time haha. they pretty much have covered every topic.... rip aaron spelling! but the last episode was terrrrible...
  9. i've been so busy with school! but i've been around here...i lurk every so often but don't post much anymore. oh and also "do you realize" by the flaming lips is uplifting and motivational....and i like "yoshimi battles the pink robots"...just try and disregard the fact that car companies exploit good songs by using them in commercials, like them and modest mouse and bloc party and the postal service and others im sure...and you might like it.
  10. oh and metric "down"---great song, great band. realllly great to listen to when you are down. realllly good. aaaand preston school of industry "caught in the rain". i just love it.
  11. i just thought id let everyone who is depressed, or having problems, that about a year ago i was in your same position. then life got good, then life got really good, which i didn't even think was possible. i just wanted people to know that life can get better and its all about what you make it. whocares if you have acne, in ten years when you look back at yourself on this day you shouldn't have to remember yourself being so upset. because you only live once and everyday eventually ends. sorry t
  12. it has more power, fewer sessions and better results. im gonna try this on tuesday so ii'll tell you if it works out better than regular vbeam did.
  13. Does anyone know anything about the new vbeam perfecta laser? I did a whoel bunch of regular vbeams, and results werren't spectactular, but I was still breaking otu a lot when I was getting that so that might've been why it never went so well. But this looks kind of interesting and I kind of want to try it this summer... My dermatologist's website said this about it in regards to acne/redness: "Acne Scar Study: 200 patients with Acne Scar Redness All patients benefited from a 30-50% reduct
  14. Thank you all for responding! Yeah, I have been on Yasmin for going on 2.5 years and after about a month I noticed a significant improvement in my skin, but needless to say I still broke out and had to go on Accutane about a year ago, but due to severe and rare complications I unfortunately had to stop...and now my acne is coming back A LOT. But when I told my derm that Yasmin worked so well for me he said, "why not try a male hormone reducer", but at that time i had no idea what it really was