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  1. yes PPLLLEEASSSEE let me know
  2. SO ive had this really tiny pumps on my face! and I don't know what to put on them? ive read "witch hazel"? does anybody have this problem? I live in the US so anything that I can get rid of these things that isn't a fortune would be great!!! Thanks!!!
  3. Ive been braking out BBBAAAADDD by my mouth
  4. Vee30

    Aha+? Help W/ Zit?

    So ive been kinda searching for something to help my skin look smooth...does AHA+ help with that and help with a zit?
  5. Hellooo again Yes I did have side effects from Accutane I had really dry skin, eyes, hair, and worst were my lips. Either than that I dint have any other. Epiduo was the last thing I took before going on Accutane and it worked for a while but then I broke out horrible again so Accutane was kinda the next thing for me. and yes I kno acne can be painful it sucks!!! And yes ive tried Bio Oil but my skin is really oily already so...I stopped because I dint want to break out. And
  6. ACTUALLY!!!! your face and acne is not bad, yes I know it bugs you and you think it looks horrible but there is people who have it worse and you talking like that makes people think they look worse because their acne looks worse!!! I have gone through it...people freak out and sit there and say how gross it is and to think I had it bad and WORSE way worse and think what they thought of me!
  7. Hello and Welcome!!! I was reading your blog and trust me I went through the same thing. I started having acne at the age of 13 and I am now 23, I tried a lot of stuff..pills, creams, over counter stuff, home remedies etc.. It was horrible and annoying. I cried a lot too, because of how horrible I felt... I also had people but me down "your acne's getting bad" "you need to do something about your acne" "are you doing anything to get rid of your acne" LIKE I already dint feel bad because I had t
  8. okay so if you read my last blog I was breaking out bad and YES I was freaking out!!!!! I THINK n hope I got it under control HOWEVER I do have a couple of annoying pimples by my mouth that wont go away..i have been putting Benzoyl Peroxide on them and it doesn't seem to do anything...the benzoyl peroxide ive been putting on them is the "treatment" for the Regimen...so if anyone knows of any treatment that I can apply on these few stubborn pimples I would greatly appreciate it ALSO I have no
  9. okay so now im using Cetaphil bar to wash my face and Cetaphil moisturizer...I do have a couple of zits or small pimples I want to get rid of...so would the burts bee stick work or what do u recommend?
  10. Hello and thank you guys for the comments. and LEKSI yes I did comment on your blog okay so I have OILY skin.. Im braking out like by my mouth and on my neck by my chin around there and a few on my forehead & yes it does feel tight after I wash my face. Also ive been putting that Garnier BB cream instead of makeup I don't really want to wear makeup cuz I don't want it getting worse but idk what else to substitute it with besides that BB cream stuff that's the closest to makeup I gue
  11. wow!!! that's really awesome im going to try this Can you get them at a local store? united states?
  12. Hello okay so your face has gotten better....whats your daily routine? do you use all these products.. Cetaphil cleansing car, OXY wipes, Burt's natural blemish stick, Clearsil Stay Clear acne treatment, & the facial polish mask...everyday before bed or what? Thanks
  13. so I know we've all heard of the HOME REMIDIES (tooth paste, honey, banana peel etc..) ,CLEANSERS, ONLINE PRODUCTS, SOAPS etc.... my question is what cleasers worked for you? what home remedies worked for you? online products? or if any soaps did? Accutane is great but however I am breaking out a lil still...I don't really want to get back on Accutane so im going to see what actually worked for people....anything helps!! and your answers will be appreciated...
  14. Vee30

    Acne/acne Scars! Help

    hey myshell is it LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL in a black container?