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  1. Are you sure its not an allergic reaction? The bumps may be hives. BP can cause a reaction like that
  2. I use AHA every night and it works fine. I wouldnt use it in the morning bc it tends to flake, esp if you apply makeup
  3. That could be a kind of "rash." Try going to a derm and asking for Biafine. It helps repair skin and therefore the color
  4. I agree. The milia may be caused by the moisturizer youre using. Try an exfoliating scrub on those areas and perhaps invest in a clarisonic mia. Clogged pores can become that way from the skin shedding too quickly so they sometimes need help in being removed. Your skin looks really good. I honestly dont see many obvious hyper-pigmentation marks. Furthermore, I highly recommend Dan's AHA. AHA sheds the top layer of skin and moisturizes. By doing so, it speeds up the process of clearing those mili
  5. Milk causes various reactions in different people - some can drink it and be fine, some cant, some initially could and then couldnt. I would try stopping all dairy products for 2 weeks , I know its hard, but try doing it 90-100% bc otherwise the results wont be accurate. After doing that, then see how your acne has been. furthermore, [responding to above post] when youre pregnant your body has different hormones so maybe thats why you didnt react to it then and are now.
  6. The BP might make it worse if the skin is broken. Papules are essentially inflammed raises filled with bacteria. I would splash a lot of warm water and then cold water on that area to flush out any bacteria. Then maybe [if your skin isnt oily] put a calming oil on, like rosehip or argan, and maybe top w a good moisturizer and wait a few days to see if it gets better. Sorry, I didnt see your initial post.
  7. Hey guys, I am 20 years old female (acne problem started when 18). On birth control. Take daily multi-vitamins, Omega 3 capsules, drink only water and green tea. Recently stopped all dairy. Decreasing sugar content. Parents do not have acne at all. Use Dan's mositurizer. Great cleansing. BE mineral makeup on dark spots only. The only acne I ever get is a few on the apples of my cheeks ONLY. And those would be many 2-3 papules on each cheek. I also get them randomly. Sometimes I go without