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  1. that strategy could work, I'd like to see how it goes for you. good luck.
  2. day whatever Well I was wrong my skin could get worse. Today it's looking about as it's ever been. Don't really know what to do right now. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/gallery/image/46949-left-side-view-15-august-2012/ http://www.acne.org/messageboard/gallery/image/46948-front-view-15-august-2012/ http://www.acne.org/messageboard/gallery/image/46947-right-side-view-15-august-2012/
  3. This is what my skins looks like after a serious squeezing and picking binge. Probably the worst it's been all year. Uploading these to motivate myself to stop picking.
  4. Here's what my skin looks like after that binge. Going to upload photos regularly to track improvements. Good news is this is the worst its been all year, so it can only get better from here. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/gallery/image/46921-left-side-view-14-august-2012/ http://www.acne.org/messageboard/gallery/image/46920-front-view-14-august-2012/ http://www.acne.org/messageboard/gallery/image/46919-right-side-view-14-august-2012/
  5. Day 12 Well since I last posted I completely fell of the rails. I'd been pretty consistent at not binge squeezing and only picking at a few spots occasionally. Then right after I made the commitment to track all my picking I went on a huge picking binge. Squeezed everything I could... Was probably infront of the mirror for 30 min or more. That was day 8. Then I held off for about a day... Then the last 2 days I binged picked and squeezed probably the worst I've done all year. Not even attempti
  6. Nice man. Day 7 Trying to do at least 20 minutes of meditation a day to try stay more present so as to not pick skin. Today has been ok. Keep finding myself infront of the mirror and squeezing like one blackhead or pimple before I catch myself. Squeezed a couple time later in the evening when I was overtired. Still using the gloves, but they're not actually as effective as I thought cause you can kind of squeeze with them on. At least it prevents idle picking and touching of my face. I've
  7. Cool man get on this shiz! The more people getting involved the better. Day 4 - 6 Got lazy about updating this over the weekend. Last couple days have been better I guess. Using my gloves which are helpful. Only problem is they're hard to put on and off so its easy to just say naaaah I don't need to wear them. When I do it is helpful though. Also they don't allow the skin to breath which makes your hands all sweaty inside the gloves. Not so cool. At the moment my skin is pretty good, with n
  8. Totally understand your situation. First suggestion is DO tell your psychologist about it. Even if its embarrassing and you think it sounds stupid. Trust me they will have heard much worse things. Make it your goal for a session to tell her about it and emphasize it's a big deal. A qualified professional is a better source of information than some randoms on a forum For more practical stuff check out www.stopickingonme.com. Really good site all about this kind of stuff that I've found sup
  9. Day 3 Ok got mysef some surgical gloves which I'm going to wear round the house all the time. Wearing thicker gloves is too inconvenient with not being able to type and text. These things are awesome, hardly feels like I have anything on my hands and they make it pretty much impossible to pick. Reading stoppickingonme.com and found a couple of helpful tips: - Don't focus on my skin so much. The more attention I pay to it, the more chance there is of me picking at it. Just let go and let it he
  10. Day 2 Just made a list of my picking today. Just jotted these down in my phone during the day: - squeezed one pimple on my chin that was pus filled - not too much damage - in bathroom on campus - touched chin a bit in clas - picked and pulled out some blackheads on my shoulders - picked at lower back in labs - picked at shoulders again in lab - squeezed pimple on back again in labs Then later in the evening I had a pretty good go at my skin infront of the mirror. SO not a good day overa
  11. @09alisa Not so good either but I'm back to try again. Day 1 Okay I'm starting from day one again. Picking has been getting bad again and my skin is not in good shape. Started off fairly well today. Didn't really squeeze in the morning. In the afternoon I squeezed one cystic pimple on my skin and it popped.. Wasn't a necessarily squeeze though. Late evening was bad. Squeezed two pimples on my cheek just while sitting at my desk. Need to start wearing my gloves at all times again. Also ju
  12. Cool thanks for the advice. My problem with blackheads is I squeeze them which tends to create a bigger pore which then fills up with another bigger blackhead. It's a bad cycle. Day 30 Almost had a perfect day for my last day. Then I got home at like 4am after a date and I squeezed a bit infront of the mirror. Damn blackheads... Anyway, I'm not entitrely happy with my progress in these 30 days. However there was definitely a move towards breaking the habit which is awesome. There are a few th
  13. Day 29 Started off the morning badly. Got pissed off about losing some documents. Picked at my dry skin and scabby pimples a bit. Also squeezed a few blackheads in areas that I hadn't touched in a while. Rest of the day went fine, wore gloves. I've got one big cystic pimple flaring up on my chin but other than that my skin is looking ok. Need to avoid squeezing this one. I have loads of blackheads so need to look into clearing these up so that i'm not tempted to squeeze them. Going to read
  14. Day 27 - 28 I've kind of leveled off at a point where i haven't squeezed any blackheads (maybe 1 or 2) for the last while. So he "unnecessary" squeezing is looking good. Gloves have helped sooo much. I still squeeze those pimples that I tell myself "need" to be squeezed. Pretty sure they don't need to be, and if so, I should do it properly with a needle. Also there were two pimples in the last few days (not even bad ones which i think was a kind of justification for it to be ok in my head) t