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  1. Make sure you wear a sunscreen that is designed for your face..... If you were a normal sunscreen, it will probably feel all oily then just wash right off when you hit the water, leaving you with naked skin on your face ripe to be burned, especially after all the sun-sensitive acne products you probably use....
  2. I just started taking Clindamycin Phosphate last week. The doctor also prescribed Differin at night. I am not experiencing any side affects except I went through an initial peel for the first night and then I had an initial breakout for the next few days. It is clearing up my skin perfectly. The doctor prescribed these meds to me because they were not too strong or irritating and they will allow me to surf all day without having bad sunburn problems that other acne meds cause. I am also usi
  3. Ya, I get the same symptoms. I only get it with the SA pads though. I'm currently almost clear of it. I am using: Morning: Neutrogena Pore Refining Wash Neutrogena Poor Refining Toner Cleocin Neutrogena Moisturizer 20 SPF Evening Neutrogena Pore Refining Wash + Toner Cleocin Differin I just started the Cleocin and Differin yesterday and the Neutrogena stuff on Wednesday. It is doing a great job of exfoliating me with no irritation and the medication is killing all the bacte
  4. I have the same problem, but only with the SA pads, like stridex. Now I just stay away from the pads. The doctor is prescribing me some stuff that should help take the rash away. I hate it as much as you do....... You aren't the only one!
  5. What is the best thing to do for back acne. I really did not have a problem until I started to train for a marathon and triathlons, and then, all of a sudden, I started getting minor back acne, (luckily you can barely see it, but I hate feeling it)..... Is there some scrubs or special scrubby/frilly/girly things, (that a guy could use), for your back?
  6. Dude, I love naproxen, I was able to run on a Level 3 stress fracture no problem after finishing my loading phase of it.... Woohoo
  7. I am closing in on finishing off the tubes of BP that the doctor gave me. They are 5% and really don't cause problems with my face, they just help keep the pimples away. I really hate going through the long lines at the doctors office to get more, so what do you all recommend I start buying over the counter? BTW: My current regimen is: Morning: Cleanser, BP on problem areas, Aloe Vera all over, Vitamin K or Moisturizer with SPF if needed Evening: Queen Helena Mint Julip (I love this stu
  8. I like to let the BP dry, then apply Aloe Vera to my face, and if needed, then a little vitamin k or moisturizer with SPF.
  9. Did you ever use a special sunscreen for your nose while lifeguarding. Mine seems to get nailed by the sun everytime. Using 50 SPF on my face now, cheeks and forehead are ok, but my nose still gets a little red from the sun.
  10. Hi, I'm new to these boards. 22 right now and have had acne since about the 7th grade. It got really bad last year in Korea with all the pollution and I had to go on Minocyclin and retin-a for awhile. Anyhow, I live in Hawaii now and my skin always seems red cause of minor acne scarring and sensitivity to the sun, sometimes I go out surfing for five hours during the middle of the day. So, hopefully this Vitamin K solution for Blotchy Skin will even out my skin tone! Currently using minocycl