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  1. i know i know dont pop pimples if thye dont have a head but this one was on the border of my lip and made me look like i had herpes. Anyways what is something good to put on it after wards to precent a scar?
  2. I use to use Zinc(ZNP) soap, which kept me totally clear. Im silly for making this post. I'll just order ZNP again.
  3. My goddamn physician didn't prescribe me a wash , are there any good OTC washes to use?
  4. get ketsugo. ive been using it for a year now. it controls my oil.
  5. I use ketsugo for oil control. Search it on google. Its very effective, after i got off accutane i started using it. More than a year later,my oil is in control and i dont breakout. Im just posting on this forum to see if i can help anyone. My curent regimen is st ives apricot scrub at night,then i spray on ketsugo on my t zone. Thats all.
  6. you should try ketsugo, it works for many people.
  7. look on google groups for more posts
  8. http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&lr=&...%3DN%26tab%3Dwg
  9. if you dont believe in god its silly to say you would "pray" to satan, since god is the only reason satan exists.