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  1. I just posted about my experience with yasmin! i know for certain that when i took yasmin, it greatly reduced my break outs. all i had left was to deal with the ones already on my face. i stopped using all commercial face products and switched to natural cleansers and moisturizers in my last 2 years i was on yasmin. those helped soooooo much. i used a natural sea salt soap and jojoba oil as moisturizer, and occaionally apple cider vinegar as a toner. i stopped breaking out completely. all i had
  2. i took yasmin when i was 16 or 17. been on it for 3-4 years. yasmin completely halted the production of my comedonal acne (billions of closed comedones and black heads). it also stopped inflamed acne. i cant remember how long it took for my acne to completely stop. it did not make my acne clear up, it stopped new acne from coming. i was able to treat the already formed acne and make it go away. i like to think my skin was flawless on yasmin. unfortunately, yasmin is very dangerous and i exper
  3. Yasmin completely cleared me up. My skin was flawless. My acne completely stopped altogether. Unfortunately, Yasmin is incredibly dangerous and I stopped taking it. Now my skin is getting really bad again. I never get inflamed acne, just closed comedones, and now i have a million of them popping back up. Since sprio is similar to one of the chemicals in Yasmin, will taking spiro clear up my *closed comedone* acne? Has anyone had experience with this? Has anyone stopped taking Yasmin and
  4. I've read that bc can negatively affect cortisol, insulin, hair growth, and brain chemistry. Are these affects really that dangerous? Or are they relatively insignificant and harmless? I was taking yasmin for 4 years but stopped this year because of all these studies that said how horrible the pill can mess you up. Please, any information will help with what you know about the side effects of the pill.