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  1. 1. 6 month 2. 55mg / 65 Kgs 3. No more active acne, just a pimple that grew last night... So far, i'm quite satisfied, but red marks suckkkkkkkk
  2. Good news if it kepps workings at the end
  3. dunno where U are from. In france we have a famous brand, AVene. If U find it, try Clean Ac. It is so great
  4. yes accutane In fact, it is very small pimples. they are not red. To see them, U need to be on the light... Perhaps Need i to stop accutane and to let my skin cool down?
  5. I have currently a small breakout. At 6 monts! Is it normal? thx
  6. hi I will finish my treatment in 2 weeks. I d like to know if after the end, my skin will still be improved? Thx
  7. I'm on my fifth month of accutane. When I wash my face i feel here and there somethnig under my skin, like a small bowl... Is that cysts? Am i going to break out again? thx
  8. Thks! I know there is nothing sure! But i was thinking that if i Had one spot now, that was a bad news
  9. So that doesn't mean my cure is going to be a failure?
  10. Hi Is that normal : I am on accutane for 5 months, and this night I have a new spot that came... I'm afraid!!
  11. Daily it is a bit too hard for me. I'm too red if I have a daily shave.
  12. Thx! Nice french 5 month? Holly shit! lol Any other advices or ideas?