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    Everything That I've Tried

    yeah the first few weeks are tough..the first week i broke out with a lot of whiteheads but they went away quickly. for me my skin would get a bit clearer and i'd be excited then i'd have another breakout. but as time went by the breakouts became less and less severe. it's frustrating but you just have to be patient. same here i used to exfoliate every night thinking it was helping! the regimen reduced the oiliness in my skin during the first two months but now for some reason my t-zone gets rea
  2. the first time i went to a dermatologist was when i was 13. he prescribed me minocycline, which i only took for a month because i had an allergic reaction and i was also using a retin-a cream and a clindamycin/benzoyl peroxide gel. since i couldn't take minocyline he prescribed me doxycycline and i took that for over a year.. it kept me 99% clear but every time i had a dermatologist appt i would have like one pimple so he decided to put me on amoxicillin.. i took that for probably longer than a
  3. what products are you using? i'm using drugstore substitutes as well.. i have the products listed on my blog. it's day 33 for me and i'm still getting breakouts but my skin has improved.
  4. what i do when i get a cyst is i put a really hot wash cloth on it a few times through out the day but only for 2-3 mins each time.. it should feel less hard and a bit smaller. i also take ibuprofen to help with the inflammation..
  5. These are the products i'm currently using: Morning- Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser Neutrogena on the spot BP Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion Then i put makeup on.. The makeup that i use is covergirl aqua smooth cream foundation & covergirl clean powder. Night- Neutrogena Makeup Remover/ Cleanser (it's a blue bottle) Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser Neutrogena on the spot BP Cetaphil Moisturzing lotion I'm VERY gentle when i use all of these products and pat dry my skin instead of wiping lik