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  1. Thanks for the info! Sum1killme--I've read many different online complaints of multiple people complaining of hair loss after a couple months use of even smaller amounts of chromium picolinate. There are other side effects that are possible of course, but i remember being so surprised but the amount of people complaining about hair loss that i decided I'd never take it again and preach against its use. lol And sorry guys for not bein on in a while, got in some trouble with some mary jan
  2. Haha, what are you stumped on? Need help with anything?
  3. I never had any success with topicals, especially SA. Made my skin drier and more irritated than BP did, but who knows. My sister had great results with SA so it's really something you'll just have to try.
  4. Indiana Hoosiers FTW -MarchMadness-

  5. It's honestly been way too long. I really can't remember ever having them. Of course, my memory got a little worse after a year and a half in college. haha. But I'd say it's been at least 6 years since I ever noticed it, and it could have been many years before that, if I've ever even had them. Weird, considering every person I know has them...
  6. I buy meat from local butchers, at first I ate only poultry, then I started eating pork and beef too. I take coconut oil for candida. I don't have very oily skin, sometimes my skin is dry, It has never been very oily. I don't have cystic acne/ nodules. My acne - rather small pustules and papules everywhere on my chin. cheeks, jaw, healing fast but forming every day. Have you tried any supplements before?
  7. I haven't had any on my fingers for as long as I can remember. I just had all kinds of blood work done, and everything came back great. I don't know if it's really even a problem. Interesting that someone else has this too though.
  8. I think there was no acne in the past, but I don't know when we started getting it. Like when people say that acne existed for 2,000 years, that isn't very long at all. Wikipedia says the paleolithic era started about 2.6 million years ago, and it says "anatomically modern humans" evolved about 200,000 years ago. So if we say that acne started 2,000 years ago and humans existed for 2,600,000 years, then they had acne for 0.077 percent of their existence. If we say that acne started 2,000 years a
  9. I'm sorry! But even if scars will be left behind, there's no better feeling than not having the bumps and new pimples forming every day! diet doesn't help my acne at all What was your diet like that you tried? Meat, vegetables, fruit, I tried no gluten, no dairy, no grains, candida cleanse (no fruit), no processed food (details in my signature)... basically I feel pretty hopeless and helpless Did you take any candida products? What kind of meat were you eating? As in, did it come from walm
  10. diet doesn't help my acne at all What was your diet like that you tried?
  11. Yeah there are definitely many more things that contribute to insulin sensitivity, I just mentioned two I have tried personally, and the two that I've researched the most about. And yeah, I supposed I did imply that, I was kind of trying to imply that acne has gotten more common and severe, not necessarily that it didn't exist before then, but thanks for pointing that out. But as far as that goes, Cordain showed the couple of hunter-gatherer tribes that had zero cases of acne, and possibl
  12. I think it depends on the alcohol. For example, if I drink a lot of beer, the next day I can definitely expect a new breakout. If I drink whiskey or rum I'll break out too. But if I drink cheap vodka(Kamchatka, McCormick, Dark Eyes, etc) then I don't. I'd say it's the sugar and carbs that break me out, compared to the pure rubbing alcohol of the cheap vodka..haha
  13. Tests aren't that expensive, but if you can't get one or don't want to, then I'd just suggest not taking over 1,000 IU per day to be safe.
  14. Puberty, Insulin, and Acne explained—Sources Included -It’s been thought from past generations that acne was something that developed during puberty and went away afterward. But that’s simply not the case today for a lot of us. Their diets weren’t near as poor as ours are today though. Our diets get worse and worse as population grows, and the need for cheaper food increases. With our economy indrustrializing, it gives way to pesticides, hormones, and more that assist in speedier food cre
  15. Chromium shouldn't drop your blood sugar too much. Chromium just makes insulin's receptors more sensitive, meaning it will take less insulin to do it's job. I'm pretty sure the only people that it affects blood sugar are people have extremely low blood sugar problems to begin with, because there body is over producing insulin for other reasons that don't deal with insulin sensitivity, in which case increased insulin sensitivity would just make the excess insulin being secreted stronger(which a