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  1. No, baking soda! I took two capsules today and My stomach was actually bubbling and audibly gurgling. Huh.
  2. I believe they are supposed to raise HCl levels; he talked about restoring the Ph of my stomach to increase digestion and inhibit bacteria in the upper intestine. The pills are the Thorne brand 520mg/capsule and I'm supposed to slowly ramp up the dose during meals until I feel discomfort or 'heat' (they can be neutralized w a base). After two weeks he would like to then have me take tons of probiotics to try to recolonize my intestines w mostly acidophilus. His diagnosis was based on a talk w hi
  3. I know this is an old thread but I thought I'd mention that I saw a naturopath for the first time today and his approach is basically to restore stomach ph in the short term using Hcl. I'm excited to see results!
  4. There are a lot of topical creams you can use (e.g. Azelaic acid).
  5. My naturopath believes that my acne problem is basically the result of bad microflora in my gut. I'm outlining his theory in lay terms because I find it quite ingenious and worthy of consideration: The microflora inbalance stems from a lack of hydrochloric acid in my stomach because of chronic stress. Bad microflora create toxins and impact regular bowel movements. The liver becomes overloaded and because I am not going to the bathroom enough, the toxins are perpetually being reabsorbed by the
  6. Oh, I went to a naturopath for the first time today. And I have to say I really really liked him. His demeanor appealed to me in a way that that of normal doctors often does not. His take is that my problem is basically bacterial overgrowth in my stomach of bad bacteria. He believes that these bad bacteria are creating toxins that my liver is unable to deal with, and this is impacting my skin. The ingenious part is that he believes that the source of this bad bacteria is lowered hydrochloric aci
  7. I am clearing up around my mouth...however, lately, I have been getting cysts around my cheeks and three large, inflammed ones on my chest. This has happened in the past two weeks--I didn't have any cysts when I was fasting although I had some trouble spots. I am going to see a naturopath tomorrow but I've decided to be proactive and adopt an elimination diet. Basically, no butter (so difficult, but hey) and no eggs as these are the two culprits I am homing in on right now. The diet is somethin
  8. Any progress on this so far? I am thinking about supplementing Lugol's...also does anyone know if hypothyroid is hereditary? I was talking to my mom about my lower than avg body temperature and she revealed that she is hypothyroid. Got me wondering.
  9. Yes...that's correct, sorry. I will try the salt loading method for a few days and quit the multivitamin.
  10. So the multi I have been taking for about 3 weeks has 150mg of Potassium Iodide in it and I'm wondering if the breakout I've been having around my mouth is acne from bromide detox...so I am going to stop taking the multivitamin for awhile and see what's up. I didn't stop the multi while I was doing my water fast either...and the rest of my face was/is clear clear clear.
  11. So I realized that the multivitamin I've been taking has like, 150mg of potassium iodide in it...I have been having an unusually intense acne breakout for about 3 weeks now that is kind of unlike anything I've had before--comedones around my mouth that scab over but just keep breaking out/never seem to heal. A friend of mine suggested it was an allergic reaction. Could this be the source?
  12. Yeah, I tried safflower oil topically on my neck in a place I don't ever break out and got a pimple there after a few days. I'll pass on that.
  13. Kind of discouraging...I found a picture of myself from last October when I was on nothing but a topical (Benzaclin) regimen and eating mostly carbs, not organic, and plenty of milk...and I had no acne. A few pimples maybe, but not /acne/ like I have now. It's frustrating to feel like the diet approach is not working that well. I don't want to totally discredit it, it may yet work for me and might work for some, and I will continue it awhile, alongside my new TTO regimen. But neither my daily su
  14. Stomach: no upset stomach whatsoever. Skin: My condition seems stagnant. My tea tree oil/aloe vera/jojoba oil regime continues. A few new pimples around my jaw which is a regression, but not that bad. Mostly the stuff around my mouth just will not clear up...seriously.. Food: Lots of carrots, some apples, eggs, clarified butter. I have been eating canned cod liver lately: although I'm a bit afraid of the chemicals in the cans (bisphénol phosphate), I couldn't resist when I saw how much ret