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  1. I used to break out every month during PMS week but since month 3 on accutane I never did again. My friend who went through accutane 5 years ago did not break during PMS while on accutane but after one year she started to break out again although with much less severity. So, results are not the same with everyone. Wait for it it will get better:)
  2. pmejia27, it is better to have breakouts at the beginning like you have now as apposed to me who enjoyed 1 month of clearing out acne and then IB had to spoil it! So, keep your head up all is going to be goo!
  3. Maritimu12, I could see the progress only at the end of month3 because my IB lasted about a month 1/2. I have no active acne at the moment but I do have pigmentation which is left and needs to be dealt with after accutane treatment. Time flies by so you will see improvements soon, I am sure!
  4. What can I tell you.....still there are not a single new spot on my face which is amazing! What else..... the inside of my nose is so dry I can feel the air slash and burn it as I breath. I still have a kind of ulcer near my mouth which does not want to heal. I am hopeless with my dry lips-they dry then peel then bleed and hurt and the cycle repeats! Aquaphor gave up on me this week. I can use my lips as a sand paper to polish wood now! I am loosing my hair which I am ok with....I hope it stops
  5. http://www.westonapr...ragedy-and-hype http://www.scientifi...vones-genistein http://soy.mercola.com/ http://www.optimumchoices.com/Soy.htm http://www.foodreneg...dangers-of-soy/ etc. etc. etc., and not from big corporates. Processed soy is bad for you. Yes, but that is a quote from the person who started this blog. This is not what I believe in!
  6. coffee did nothing good to my acne and I like pure black, no milk, no sugar.... it is amazing it helped you, maybe it was something else....maybe your diet before you tried coffee finally showed results? >>>>>>>>"I've tried many crazy diets, including becoming a vegetarian, avoiding all carbs, eating nothing but leafy greens, drinking tea and fresh fruit juice, eating apples all day, taking zinc vitamins, taking omega fish oils, taking extra virgin coconut oil, avoiding s
  7. well, you IB started quite early which in turn means it will finish sooner:) My skin got better 1st months and then I broke out and the whole of month 2 and 1/2 was bad but it is so much better now! It will get better:)
  8. Fight to win do not give up. I was fighting acne for the last 20 years going through depression, missing a year of uni etc but there is hope for everyone please do not give up. We get to be born only once so you have to make the most of what you have got. I wish you find the right treatment for your problem. The only one that helped me was accutane. Scars are treatable. Do not kill yourself because it is bad manners to go to the other world uninvited:) Stay here, fight and have hope. I wish you
  9. londoncat8

    Day 25.....

    I broke out at the beginning of the 2nd month an it took another months for it to go away. It happens to some people and it is to be expected:) It is going to be ok, do not despair. With best wishes, xxx:)
  10. I will sum up what has happened during my taking of the accutane, maybe it might be interesting for some people who are about to start this drug. I am 33, have type 1 diabetes, suffering from acne since 12 y.o I feel I was born with acne cause I do not remember myself without that sh't on my face. My skin has no pores and is very very white. I get lots of pigmentation from acne....i am a human asian leopard. I am not a picker but my doctor tells me that I am!!!! Oil on my face used to be a di
  11. Ask for accutane therapy. xx
  12. Hi, sorry to her about your hair, I hope it gets better soon. What were your doses of accutane? Did you use Dan's regimen while on accutane? Thanks for your answers in advance:)
  13. Good luck to you Katie as well! Thanks for reading!:)x
  14. I am type 1 diabetic and usually any type of cut or burn heals very slowly but, since I started accutane the healing process is surprisingly quick.
  15. maybe you should try accutane? You can always stop it if you can't handle side effects. Relax, humour yourself:), you will not have acne all your life and you will find a way to deal with it one way or another.
  16. Hi, How do you know that you have candida overgrowth in your intestine? For how long did you take accutane were there no results at all with it? Thanks in advance:)
  17. I am having pink eye (conjunctivitis)! What's next?!!!! Bring it on, I am...almost ready for anything now! Aaaaaaaa......
  18. At the moment I have an amazing sensitivity in my mouth- I brush my teeth and it feels like I am doing it with a knife! No blood but it feels like I should be bleeding all over the place! Other than that, I must admit, my acne is clearing and in some places my face looks, dare I say that, beautiful!
  19. Ok, It looks like my IB is clearing out a bit. And I hope, since it is the 3rd month on accutane, by the end of it, I will see some more improvements. My face still looks like sh*t, so even if I put real sh*t on my face no one would notice the difference-that is how bad it is! Hahaha through tears! In the past, I had people spit on my face on the streets and now I reached the point I look in the mirror and want to spit on my face too! I should go and work in a circus freak show - I would be a
  20. I am so happy I made you laugh! At least there is something good about my acne- I can write about it and someone smiles!! xxx
  21. And hello again! I have seen my derm yesterday and she decided to up my dose to 40mg for the next 3 months. I was quite disappointed that my dose was upped by only 10mg because 30mg did not seem to do much. My IB is still in full bloom so I hope that before I get mental breakdown, haha, some improvements become visible. At the moment my face looks like a garden of nuclear acne explosions; where do I file and to whom do I address my complaint!? The girl from "exorcist" is on her break-I rule no
  22. londoncat8

    Giving Up

    Dear Liam, do not give up! It can be worse if you ask me... On top of my acne which I am having for the last 20 years I have type 1 diabetes. I have been in coma with my diabetes 4 times and my acne when I was 20 made me stop studying at university for a year because I could not go outside my house....my acne was that bad!! I am on accutane at the moment and it seems to be the only treatment that does some good for me:) Try to stay positive. I wish you get to see a very good dermatologist and so
  23. My face is not looking too bad but now I have an army of whiteheads on my chest and back and I never had so many before. My forehead which is usually was the clearest part of my face is now decorated with acne as well....bloody fantastic!!!! I was told it might get worse before my face clears but I hoped since one month had gone without major breakouts I was lucky....but no, they had to pop out and show their ugly heads!! I look in the mirror and I try to persuade myself that even though my skin
  24. I have been on a fish, fruit and veg diet for 15 years. I cook for myself. I do not drink alcochol, eat dairy products or smoke. I do yoga and pilates and keep fit and guess what- I do have acne and it just won't go away! So what you are suggesting does not really work for everyone. Having said that I do believe that eating well and exercising is important for happy living but at the same time - my sister does eat pizza, does not exercise and have the most beautiful skin.... So, go figure....
  25. I have seen my dermatologist last week and was told that my cholesterol level was way too high (7.5!!!!). She suggested I carry on with 30mg for another month. I thought my dose should be higher on my 2nd month but it did not happen:( I have no idea how did I get cholesterol level that high?!!! I mean I am on a diet where I do not eat fatty foods, dairy products etc. I eat fish, fruit and veg....how can this 7.5 happened?!!! With this 7.5 it looks like I eat Macdonalds all day and drink butter.