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  1. what about saw palmetto, give it a try, maybe?
  2. I am on 20mg and did only 2 months of 40mg out of 8 months. It does help, I am still on it but acne cleared at the end of month 4. good luck to you!
  3. it does get worse(for some people) before it clears completely:) I am sure instructor will be looking at the road and not your face. If you can, just humour yourself when it feels like you should be crying:)
  4. londoncat8


    It will work, give it some time. I only saw improvements and end of IB at the end of month 4. It all depends how severe your acne is to begin with, I guess. Wish you luck!
  5. Hey, you are not alone! I had similar experiences for more than 20 years... developed manic depression, type 1 diabetes etc... I used to cover my face with self-made hijab because walking on the streets as is was impossible. I only recently experienced clear skin after taking accutane. I wish you strength and luck and hope you find a cure for yourself. Do not despair, fight until you win it:)
  6. My IB lasted for 2 months and was really bad, but by month 4 or 5 most people get clear skin. Best of luck to you!
  7. Do you take probiotics at all? If you take antibiotics for a very long time (and even for a short time) it is important to take probiotics after the treatment or in between, otherwise the good bacteria in your gut gets destroyed and you may develop problems at a later time. Do take care:)
  8. I still have marks from IB which happened on the 2nd month of being on accutane. I now finished my 6th month and marks are still there but they are fading away.....very slowly but they do fade:) In fact, my red marks which happened before I started accutane are more prominent than the ones I got from IB while on tane.
  9. Hi, how did you get diagnosed with polycystic ovaries? Ultrasound, blood test, physical examination? I assume the family doctor was not dermatologist, but why would he check for pros? I am just thinking if I have it how do I ask and who do be checked for it. Your results are looking great! Beautiful face! Good luck with birth control treatment!
  10. Ok, for the last 2,5 months I did not have a single break out of anything on my face. Accutane does really work well for me. I am still on reduced dose of 20mg per day and will remain so until the end of the treatment. Over the years I have tried different diet changes and alterations (including dairy free and gluten free diet) ending up being vegetarian. Last month, for the sake of experiment I decided to eat everything I have avoided for many years and see if it will break me out. I have eaten
  11. Although, I was not given exact numbers my dermatologist told me I will achieve my cumulative dose if I carry on taking accutane for the next three months. My doses so far were: 2 months-30mg, 3 months-40mg, + 3 months- 20mg. After I finish I might be put at a low dose for another 2 months. I understand there is a higher risk of acne coming back if you did not finish the course with cumulative dose related to your weight. I am 65kg. Even though I do do not have any breakouts or anything at the m
  12. If I were to guess there will be an improvement by 24th september for sure. We are talking 1 and 1/2 months for IB to heal, it should be enough unless you have underlying condition which might slow the process a bit. Take your time to deal with this problem looks are not the only thing that matters in a human body. Humour your looks for now, it will get better.
  13. you might heal faster also because I am type 1 diabetic and generally all healing processes with me are much longer than with people without it. It will pass, do not worry:)
  14. Hi, my acne was really, really bad it was mostly pustules and cyst, some whiteheads as well. I would call it severe. Acne was everywhere on my face and head as well, sometimes on my back. Initial breakout was really bad and happened on the 2nd month which lasted until everything healed at the end of month 4. I wish I could post pictures of my acne before but it is way too scarier that anything posted here by other people. I mean even now, it is not that pretty with pigmentation to show:) I hope
  15. I have seen my derm yesterday and was told I will have to go through 3 more months of accutane, 20mg per day. Even though my skin looks very good, apart from pigmentation, I need to reach the correct cumulative dose for my weight. I am not bothered by that and would rather carry on with the low dose than quit it now. I was given epaderm ointment for my dry lips and it really does make a difference. There are no side effects at the moment except dry lips and nostrils. I was also told that even af
  16. Vee, I have not researched it yet to make a decision but if when I know more and maybe try something, i will let you know. What type of skin do you have? My skin is very white, thin and poreless so the marks i have are very visible. I was never recommended laser for my skin for some reason. Anyway, i will keep you posted!
  17. My breakout was very bad and lasted long as well. I have no idea when your breakout will stop but I wish it happens soon. Good luck to you, maritimu12!
  18. yes, I did. The hair loss lasted a week but then stopped.
  19. ....and I am cured!!!! hahahaha Well, after almost 3 months of waiting for a breakout near my mouth to clear, it finally happened. It happened very suddenly within the last two days! It is safe to say there is no active anything on my face at the moment and it feels like....... I can not even describe it properly and adequately! I am still taking 40mg of accutane and although my skin is oil free it is not too dry. My lips do not dry out as bad as before and I only need to use lip balm twice a da
  20. If nothing works then accutane is probably the best thing to try. If side effects are too much you can be taken off it or lower the dose. I was desperate enough to try it and it worked wonders for me. I was suffering with acne for 21 years and have tried it all before finally going for accutane. Best of luck to you and hope you find a good solution for yourself!
  21. It will work but will not resolve anything longterm. After extraction, my face took two weeks to recover, looked better.....not perfect but still better. 1 month later my acne retuned as it was before. I would not recommend it.
  22. just give it another week or two and your hair will be oil free! :)
  23. no, it is all because of the damage you've done with your first insensitive post........ha
  24. i broke out on the 2nd month and it lasted 1 month 1/2. It was very bad. Some people have it worse than others but in the end you are going to be clearer than before and hopefully it won't take long. Do not worry, it will be all right.
  25. Coconut oil never did any good to me. It made my face greasy and I doubt it did anything other than that. I agree with above said, differin, epiduo and such would probably be better for problems with skin. Having said that, I do remove my make up with castor oil or almond oil and it works well for that.