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  1. londoncat8

    Day 32

    No salt takes time but it is great for your wellbeing if you can manage.
  2. londoncat8

    Day 24

    Why do not you look up the ingredients on the back of the dermalogica products and see for yourself what is it that might be causing your skin reaction. There is nothing good in this brand's ingredients….well, good half of them are just bad chemicals you would not want in any quantity on your face….
  3. Yes, acne sufferers, lets wash our faces with camel's milk and chop potatoes on to our acne, followed by the mint and banana peels. Tea tree oil can be sprinkled and mixed with the rest as desired. Maybe 'Sophestwart' never had acne….. Whatever you had that you could cure with potatoes and banana peels was not acne.
  4. accutane does not cure everyone…. it all returned back to what it was before the tane 1 month after i finished by course….good luck!
  5. I did 7 months on accutane and while on it I saw great improvement. My skin did change for the better while I was on accutane. However, 1 month after I completed my treatment I got acne coming back as before. Plus, as a side effect I started to lose my hair, which took 2 years to recover back to normal. My personal problem with accutane was that it did not help in the long run. Having said that 3 members of my family had success with accutane treatment in the 80s. I do hope it works for you thou
  6. what about his diet? I have changed to being vegetarian while trying to find the cause of my acne. Although it was accutane and then dan's regimen which cleared me completely, I must say that changing diet has made great difference to my complexion as well. Some foods may cause reactions on our skins or maybe he consumes too much sugar(?)…. I am diabetic and I know that when my blood sugar was high and not in control I always had acne flaring up without fail. Have you tried dan's regimen? Accut
  7. londoncat8

    May 23, 2014

    2500mcg is not a high dose. I used to take 20 000mcg daily to get my hair growing post accutane hair loss. I doubt 2500mcg of biotin can cause a breakout...
  8. I have very white, pale skin and I took accutane. My acne was moderate to severe. I had no problems with my skin in the summer. The only problem was that after 7 months accutane did not make permanent positive changes. I had great skin for the last 3 months I was taking it and it was wonderful but after I was finished, acne returned together with hair loss. Would I recommend it-no, unless Dan's regimen failed you as well. 3 members of my family took it without any problems in the 80s and since t
  9. Head and shoulders will not help with hair loss. Read about hair loss experiences while on accutane. Some people do not recover from it very soon. If you have predisposition to baldness then it gets even harder to get back your hair. It took me 2 years to recover from accutane hair loss. For me, accutane did not even help at the end anyway so all was a waste. I use the regimen and it is not making me bald, not to mention I have clear skin now. Good luck with your decision:) If I were you, I'd qu
  10. Learn to humour yourself and also people who make remarks…. beautiful is not what one looks like but what one does, anyway… I can tell you a story. My mother never had acne but all her life she thought of herself as very ugly physically since she was a child. She decided when someone made comment about her looks that she will excel in everything else and do better than anyone and prove them that she is great even without good looks. And she did: she excelled at playing piano, she sings amazingly
  11. If it was to change skin for better in one week, people would not need to take it for months to get clear. Patience is needed in anything that is worth having or fighting for.
  12. Just for those of you who might be interested. I took accutane or 7 months most of the time with the 20mg dose except for 1 month, taking 30mg. My hair loss started 1 month after I finished my course and at the same time when acne returned to what it was before. My hair was falling out non stop for 6 months. I thought I lost 60% of it but trycologist told me I lost only 30% and out of this 10% hair loss was permanent. He said it would take 2 years to fully recover to what my hair was before with
  13. Give it a try! Best things happen when you push yourself out of your comfort zone:) The flakiness was not an issue for me and it took 1 week to adjust to stinging. I do not believe regimen will make your skin worse, if anything it will get better very quickly. I waited for 20 years to start accutane which did nothing at the end but, regimen has been keeping me clear for about 1.5 years. By clear I mean I do not need to wear make up. I had moderate to severe acne before. Give it a try, you have n
  14. Your dose seem so high to me but maybe you have weight to match it. I have never seen anyone taking 89mg a day. There are some people who were on high doses but for a very extended period of time (by mistake) who suffered horrible side effects which they can not fix anymore. I do not want to scare you but please watch your symptoms very carefully and maybe it is better to quit before it is too late. I was on a very low dose most of the time 20-30mg per day. It did clear me but when I stopped all
  15. Hi, 3 weeks is nothing… you should be patient. I have initial breakout at the end of 1st month which lasted 2 months before I had my face cleared. For how long have you tried dan's regimen? Because if you expected it to work within 3 weeks it won't…more than often, it takes time for anything to start working. Accutane did not work for me at the end but it did cleared my face beautifully for a while. Just be patient.
  16. type 2 has more genetic connection than the type 1….me getting type 1 diabetes had nothing to do with genes…. If you read a bit more you will find that type 2 is more genetically connected and in most cases is so through father's genes….. I have no problems controlling my blood sugar levels being vegetarian. The best control of blood sugar levels is achieved by not drinking coffee but exercise and not eating crap all day long…..haha It is interesting you would suggest my type one is polygenic…..
  17. coffee does not reduce your blood sugar levels…. I know it because I have type 1 diabetes (25 years)….so this one is wrong, wrong, wrong… You can drink all you want your blood sugar will stay the same and maybe even go a bit up if you drink your coffee with milk….
  18. londoncat8

    Chemical Peel

    Hi, when you sat acne, do you mean active acne? I've never heard peels done on active acne….so I hope you had it done without active acne. It depends what type of peel you had but it does often gets very red for a few days after the procedure. And then, yes it should go rather dryish and start pilling although it is not a very fast process. I have been rejected several times for peels due to me having active acne. I only had one chemical peel years ago and it did take me around a month to recove
  19. It is unbelievable a doctor would prescribe accutane for an almost clear face! Any potential harm, if happens, will always be worse than the face you've had before with barely any acne….not even mild acne….Accutane does not take care of your pigmentation, if anything, it might make it more visible due to skin getting a bit thinner during the time of the treatment. I know it because I took accutane(and no it did not help). Good luck!
  20. You can asked them to at least give you a chance to do it for a few weeks and see if there is an improvement. Usually when we eat well we gain more energy and we might change our looks too. What is the diet consist of. Eating less but good nutritious food for you is better than eating a lot and possibly full of fault, sugar, dairy etc… If your feedback on a few weeks would be good your parents might approve for you to carry on longer. Now I am curious- what is the diet?
  21. londoncat8

    Day 4-5

    Yes, it is quite common side effect. I had pain for a while but it goes away with time… IB is better when starts early as apposed to later. Mine started late just as I was improving for a month or so and then lasted for about 1,5 months…. good luck with your treatment as it is really up to luck… Works for some does not work for others:)
  22. consider this: accutane will help you with reducing your oil production as well as clearing you up but it might not last after you finish the course. It can give you side effects which for some last even after you complete the course. I have had 3 members of my family who successfully taken accutane in 80s and got great results but for me it was not the case. Right after I finished the course acne returned and oil returned just as it was before. I did not have many side effects except I lost 30%
  23. Even after you change your diet it will take a while for skin improvements to be seen. Do not stop eating healthy and exercise. Accutane did not work for me but Dan;s regimen kept me clear now for more than a year. I am vegetarian and although I was eating healthy for the last 12 years my skin only improved after I started regimen. MInd you, eating healthy might have kept me looking 10 years younger anyway. I have no lines and my face is smooth, which is great for 35 y.o. Good luck to you!
  24. You should try it for 3-4 months before giving up. It took 2,5 months for me to see good results but it varies depending on each person. I never increased a dose of BP and use very small amounts (finger tip) in my regimen. I never felt the need to increase the dose because I started to clear up with tiny amounts of BP and carried on with it for a year, still do. My neck was itchy and I had a rush a few times but it stopped. Changing your diet, sleep pattern and exercise regime will help you bu
  25. One month after I finished accutane, acne returned as before. I started Dans regimen straight away and never looked back:) I have been on it for 1 year and my skin is near perfect; I have no acne ever, even during my period. You have to try it to believe it. Good luck!