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  1. londoncat8

    Day 21

    And hello again! Yes, it is quite remarkable that I have no active acne at the moment!! I have never had that before and it feels great....hope it lasts as well:) The skin is dry and oil free my red acne marks and scars are there but there are no active acne!!!!! Today I had a horribly itchy head. I use organic sls free shampoos so I do not think it can be because of anything I use on my hair. Can this be because of accutane? Maybe next, I will be loosing my hair?? Still.... I would rather be b
  2. How does 2nd month compare to the 1st one for you?
  3. londoncat8

    Day 18

    Hello again, I can add, at the moment, my skin does not need any blotting paper! My t-zone which is usually oily stays rather dry all throughout the day:) Lips are dry and hurting. Cetaphil helps. Also I use vitamin E oil(mix of macademia nut oil, rosehip oil, sunflower oil) on my face and lips at night.
  4. Thank you very much for your suggestion!
  5. I have finished the 2nd week on accutane and it is safe to say the only thing that I have as a side effect is severely dry lips. My lips bleed quite often even though I use vaseline every 30 min. My skin has not changed all that much except I do not get any new spots and it is a bit drier. I was suggested aquaphor cream for dry skin but it makes my skin feel greasy and won't absorb well. So I am still looking for a good moisturiser hoping that if it does get worse i will be ready to deal with i
  6. Ok, it has been almost a week since I started using accutane. There is nothing major going on but I do drink a lot of water as if I had a high blood sugar, even though it is normal. My lips are getting dry but not too much yet. In any case, I would not worry about dry skin when I have acne and marks all over my face:) I have told my mother today about my accutane treatment and she has approved, saying that when I was 2 y.o doctors told her that I have vitamin A deficiency. So I am not surprised
  7. I would like to write about who I am and why I have chosen to use accutane. I hope some people find information useful. My accutane treatment starts today, 5.03.12. I am 33y.o. female, mixed race(asian/caucasian) with very white skin. I have suffered from acne since I was 12 and it got very bad when I got type 1 diabetes at the age of 16. I have tried so many treatments, there will be not enough space here to write about them; nothing ever worked. I have acne all over my face, often inside my n