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Blog Comments posted by londoncat8

  1. what you have should not be treated by accutane but rather medication or whatever else for mental issues associated with 'acne'. There is no cure for something that does not exist. You, your consciousness creates what you have in your life and if that space inside is not happy, no matter how beautiful you will be there will no happiness to be found. People get cancer, that is a problem, what you have on your face is not a problem. You see it that way and it is tragic but one day you will be able to put things into perspective hopefully not through a worse experience than the one you have now. We all change and transform and our values will follow. If you have time on your hands to vent about your non existent acne problem then you really do have time on your hands. We are only as good as the last thing we have done for another human being. Control your ego. What you written above is a good vent at me but it comes from an ego and not from the spark that you are. I am no friend of yours and not trying to be. I am just a witness here. When the only person you think when you write your blogs is yourself then the next step of evolution is to try something else.

  2. If I had skin like this I would not worry about accutane or any treatment for it at all. For my face was covered with acne which was bleeding, having puss inside and some of it would be the size of 5p coin. Children would point fingers at my face on the streets. So when I see yours face and the posts you make they do not necessarily connect for me.

    I know that when I look at other people's pictures on this website I would not be writing that I do not know how to deal with life and I am utterly depressed because if a person who has worse acne than me reads it- it would be devastating to them, how are they supposed to feel…? I do not know… It is tragic that a skin which looks rather lovely, and nothing of the sort it can be for some people on this website, makes you feel the way it does. I would say it is psychological far more than physical. What hope is left to others when desperate please of your posts are next to almost perfect skin. What is the standard you are trying to achieve? Some people dream of having skin like you do. You are blessed with your skin and until you realise that, you will have no peace.

  3. start some random activity:) yoga…? charity volunteering? If you can not help yourself, help someone else…. It is difficult, life in general is difficult when we make it about ourselves:) But, when we make it about helping someone else, life transforms, you get all you need from everywhere:) Even in our darkest moment there is light to be found and that is called magic or god within us. Light for all:)

  4. I feel for you! You have mentioned you tried BP but did you try it as regimen suggested by Dan? I have tried everything myself as well (including accutane) but the only thing that gives me lasting results and keeps me clear is Dan's regimen. I am also type 1 diabetic (21 years+). On the photo your skin does not look too bad, beautiful face too! Spiro takes time to work. If your hba1c is under control, you will see good results soon. Don't despair, it will get better one day!:)

  5. I learned to laugh at myself, at my acne….i was looking worse than the girl from 'exorcist'…. You just learn to appreciate yourself for other things than how you look…. each person has something special to give and share with this world….it is not what we look like that matters but what we do and how we do it…. we all have some obstacles in our lives: some people have acne, some people have problems with parents, children, money, job, other health issues…you name it! It is how we overcome these problems and what we make ourselves despite these obstacle that make us who we are and that is what matters. We have to have negative to push against towards positive:) I have gone though multiple treatments including accutane. The only thing that works for me now is dan's regimen. Do not despair, search and try different things, something will work. And even then, when you find it and make yourself handsome and all, it is not what you look like that matters……. with best;)

  6. Well then you should wait a bit more to confirm it was, in deed, a positive experience, :) It so happens that often acne returns back within 6 months or few years, as well as, in my case, in one month. Some side effects come back later and stay for longer. I am not trying to discourage people from taking it but there should be great consideration taken weather it really worth the risk. I was the happiest for 7 months while I was on this drug but it all ended very quickly and very soon. Some people have worse side effects than I had but I lost a lot of my hair after I finished my course….feeling bold would describe me just about right. Yes it helps, but will it last…..? On the other side, several of my family members took it in the 80s and had no side effects and very lasting results. I hope your success lasts but do post after a year or two to tell us how it goes.:)

  7. after i finished accutane, my scars were more visible due to skin being and /or feeling thinner. With time, (probably took 5-7 months) scars became less visible but they never disappeared completely because accutane does not really do anything to scars. I believe pigmentation fades to almost nothing in most cases but scars might stay unless you treat them with some kind of laser/light therapy maybe. Good luck.

  8. It might sound harsh but we deserve what we get in this life. Also, we are able to overcome the challenges we are given. The journey is more important than destination… find, a way out. Be creative:) Thanks to acne, I had it that bad, I could not go out and socialise for years. I would stay in my room, missed years of uni(although I managed to finish my studies). But, I learned to play piano and I learned to paint. Both earn me money now. Energy needs to go somewhere, you just have to direct it actively, proactively, into something. Lack of something gives as abundance elsewhere…. be brave…. You can make your life all about fighting acne but really it is so much more than that:)

  9. I have tried a lot of stuff, including accutane. Accutane kept me clear while I was taking it but my acne retuned 1 month after I finished the course. I have tried BP which never helped either, until I gave another chance with BP, but, i got it here and did the regimen as suggested by acne.org. It has kept me clear for the last 2 years and going. Maybe, if you have not tried regimen yet, give it a go. I had all sorts of acne on my face and head, lots of pigmentation and scaring but I can say that BP did wonders for me. I had acne for 23 years, tried it all but the regimen proved to be the best and longer lasting solution for me. Good luck finding what works for you:)

  10. arguably, the only battle truly worth having is with one's own 'ego', which takes multiple forms and expressions…once you figure out what changes you can do within yourself spiritually, then there would not be any need for a particular obstacle to exist in your life….that is Kabbalah here for you…(that its just a different point of view…nothing more...


  11. i would also choose one or the other. Accutane makes your skin dry and oil free and so does the regimen especially at the beginning. If the regimen will work for you then why do accutane. Not everyone is side effects free after finishing accutane it is riskier than doing the regimen. Good luck with waterer you decide:)