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  1. londoncat8
    Well, I decided to do a post about my progress post accutane. I have had my treatment almost 3 years ago. While on it, I had the most wonderful skin, even though i've had pigmentation all over my face. After I finished my course, exactly in 1 month, my preaccutane skin returned, it was depressing and bad. To top it off my hair was falling like I've had a chemo therapy….. At that point I tried everything there was to try on my skin….so what's next. I decided to give dan's regimen a go; i was a bit sceptical because I have used BP before and it never worked. Within 6 months of using regimen my skin transformed, although oily as before, my skin is clear. Fast forward 2 years, my pigmentation faded to such an extent that I do not need to use make up. I have very white, pale skin and i never thought my pigmentation will ever fade away but it did (took 3 years). I do not use BP in the amounts dan suggests because I need not much now to keep my skin clear. I do not get acne at all and it is very liberating. I have scarring which is visible but I am used to it and it does not bother me at all. I feel my scars no longer a problem because overall skin looks even in tone. I used AHA, not religiously, but it might have helped. I never thought it possible to not use make up and walk outside barefaced. I used to have such bad acne people would verbally abuse me on streets and children's parents would advise me to hide at home with 'that' face. I believe my cat sometimes did not recognise me when I would get covered with all sorts of acne all over my face for months….it was looking at me distressed and surprised,lol I've had acne since 12 y.o. and I am 36 now…… it was a very long journey to recovery but it was worth it:) I survived depression, self-harm and human abuse for years and somehow it all changed. Maybe accutane did a good job, maybe dan's regimen was the miracle formula for me or it might be I've just grown out of acne….but somehow I have a beautiful skin now. I do not put anything non-organic on my face except BP. I am vegetarian (eat fish). I have type 1 diabetes and it is very well controlled. I do not smoke but I do drink a glass of wine occasionally. I hope and wish all people who suffer acne or other skin condition find a cure which suits them. Never stop dreaming and making steps towards your dreams because of acne. Be creative in solving your problems:) Do not despair or give up. I wish you all well and I hope you find answers and cures to what ails you.
  2. londoncat8
    My new entry will be short and happy: Hairloss post accutane completely stopped and new hairs that grow are as strong and thick as before! It took 9 months to recover from the effect of accutane. Just a few months back my new hairs grew very, very thin but now its back to what it was before accutane! I am so happy and relieved. Do not lose hope if you suffer similar effect post accutane, it does get better but it takes time:) I still take 20,000mcg of biotin per day.
    I keep my acne under control with Dan's regimen and my skin has never been better:)
  3. londoncat8
    It's been past 5 months since my hair started falling out at the end of accutane treatment. I am still losing hair but not much any more. I also see new hair growing and it grows curly now, not wavy but proper curly! My natural hair is very thick and straight asian type but after accutane and major hair loss I am now growing a very curly hair. I do not mind it as I always wanted to have curly hair....and, hmm well I do have it now. Maybe it might be interesting for some people what I do(take) to deal with hair loss problem.
    I have been to trichologist and homeopath and have been using treatments from both.
    Trichologist uses light therapy, laser and darsonval rays to stimulate hair growth(once a week). He also told me that some hair loss was permanent and won't grow back. If I chose not to do anything about it my hair will restore more or less to its previous state within 1 to 2 years, no sooner. What is bad that I actually do have some permanent hair loss.
    Homeopath prescribed me with these powders: japanese white oleander, iuesinum, nat mur, ignatia and 3 times a week I take highly dissolved vitamin A pill. Obviously these might not be at all right for anyone else because she prescribed it holistically for my body based on many symptoms etc and they are not targeted to treat hair loss.
    On top of that I take 20,000mcg of biotin every day along with a drop of liquid iodine.

    After completing the blood work I was told that based on my iron reading I should be bald! Well, I suppose I need to take iron supplements and eat food rich in iron(which is easy).

    Apart from that, I was tested for pcos and I do not have it.
    For my skin, I use Dans regimen and it works amazingly well! At the moment my face is has no acne but lots of pigmentation.

    Do send me a message if you have any questions:)

  4. londoncat8
    It has been 2 weeks since I started using the regimen, to treat what I can only describe as a nuclear burst of acne on my face, post accutane. And it works! I thought that these horrible clusters of puss infused pimples in fancy groups of 6 would take months to go but they are gone! I use regimen as suggested but decided that PB in a smaller dose is rather good for me. My face does not sting anymore when I put BP because everything just dried out and no irritation happening. I guess if that is the answer to control my acne then I will be doing it for life, haha It is safe to say that regimen was the quickest ever method to get rid of my active acne. It took 4 months of accutane before I started seeing results but it took only 2 weeks on the regimen to make my face presentable:) So, my new journey begins now and I hope it is a success at the end.

  5. londoncat8
    Well it's been 3 months post accutane and guess what! My face is covered with acne and it is BAD! I lost 50% of my hair but it is under control now....i guess there is not much to lose at this point, haha!!!!! I decided to get the regimen and I have been using it for the last 2 weeks. There is nothing to say about it at this point except it burns my skin every time I put BP on.
    I guess, I have to say that I do not regret taking accutane regardless of it not helping me. I did enjoy 8 months of good skin(while taking it) which I never had in 20 years of fighting with acne. So, I know now, how it felt to be careless and happy about my skin.
    But, I have to make a reality check- my hair is gone, my acne is back and I am back to square one:) It is depressing but I guess this is nothing new so I am going to try and see what else I can do.
    From now on, I will be giving you the updates on my progress with Dan's regimen.
    My acneface is back and I fking hate it but at the same time it is nice to see my oldself in the mirror even though it is depressing. Welcome back my doom and gloom! haha
    The only good thing is that I got an amazing project to do in the next 6 months and my face has nothing to do with it! I am going to close myself in my art studio and enjoy the solitude and art.
    Fk you acne.

  6. londoncat8
    It has been a bit difficult because of the hair loss but it is getting much better now. I got all kind of blood work done to determine what was causing the hair loss and nothing came up as abnormal. I decided to take biotin 5000mcg per day. As of now, it is safe to say the hair loss is improving and I can see new hair growing back as before. My skin looks good. I do get some small 1-2 pimple per month and I manage it with differin gel with success. Oil has returned but not as before. I have to wash my hair every 3 days now which is ok:). When I was on accutane I could go the whole week without washing my hair! I also developed knee cracking every time I did yoga exercises but that stopped last week and it all seem under control.
    If you have any questions, do ask. I will update in a few months about my life post accutane:) with best to all:)!!!!!xxxx
  7. londoncat8
    I am not too surprised with the side effect but I thought I would share my plan of tackling it:)
    Before I begin I must admit that my skin is as good as it never has been and it feels unreal. My oil returned, although not at all as bad as before, 2 weeks after I stopped accutane. At the moment I have to deal with some hair loss(nothing dramatic, had much worse in the past). I have 3 doctors in my family and they advised me to do liver tests and get several things checked. I will be doing a bloodwork soon and according to results my uncle will prescribe whatever needs to be to tackle the problem. If anyone is interested to know the results of my tests etc do watch this space:) Hair loss is not new to me because i had it before for different reasons and always recovered to what is normal for me. However because I am quite sure the fall out is due to me using accutane the tackling of this will be done a bit different.
    There is nothing else to report at the moment. Do ask questions if you have any:) Wishing you all well:)
  8. londoncat8
    It has been a long 8 months but it was worth it. For the last 3 months I have been on 20mg and I this is my last week of the 8 month course. I do not have any active acne on my face. I do have red pigmentation marks and some scarring which is more visible now due to my skin being thinner (as a result of accutane use). I use organic face wash("Nude') twice a day and face cream I use is by Lush called "gorgeous". My make up regime is a bit more complicated: I use revlon as a foundation and dior powder to finish and even the skintone. My skin feels soft and nice and I am looking forward to getting rid of the pigmentation in the near future. Being type 1 diabetic with bipolar disorder on top of that, I was very uneasy to take accutane but I did it and I am happy with the results and I would recommend it for people who are greatly affected by acne physically and emotionally. I have been through many side effects and IB was not easy for me but it is all in the past. If you have any questions do feel free to ask:) My skin is very white, thin, asian type. I am 33 y.o female and I have suffered acne since 12y.o. until now:) For all the acne sufferers here I wish you all find a cure whatever it might be for your problem and I hopethis cure does not come at high cost with many side effects:) Be happy whatever you do and get great results!xxxxxxx

    I will be keeping updating on my progress so whats this space:)
  9. londoncat8
    Ok, for the last 2,5 months I did not have a single break out of anything on my face. Accutane does really work well for me. I am still on reduced dose of 20mg per day and will remain so until the end of the treatment. Over the years I have tried different diet changes and alterations (including dairy free and gluten free diet) ending up being vegetarian. Last month, for the sake of experiment I decided to eat everything I have avoided for many years and see if it will break me out. I have eaten chocolate systematically haha, drank milk every day and ate all sort of crazy food I would not eat for the last 8 years. To be honest I did not enjoy eating all that dairy and sugar that much but what was amazing that I did not get any breakouts at all. So what was my problem then?!!! I changed my diet to vegetarian 8 years ago in a bid to help with my acne. Although it made me generally feel well my acne was nowhere near to disappear. Now I am on accutane and it seem I can eat anything and get away cleanfaced!, haha:) I am not going to change my diet to non-vegetarian but I am amazed by the power of accutane! Even if it does not last I am having an amazing several months already without acne which feels like heaven on earth! If I need to do accutane again I'll do it and I would recommend people who do have serious problems with acne to give it a try and not be afraid of side effects. My acne was very bad, I had nothing to lose...and I feel I won my battle, as of today:) To all the sufferers: there is a light at the end of that tunnel!!!
  10. londoncat8
    I have seen my derm yesterday and was told I will have to go through 3 more months of accutane, 20mg per day. Even though my skin looks very good, apart from pigmentation, I need to reach the correct cumulative dose for my weight. I am not bothered by that and would rather carry on with the low dose than quit it now. I was given epaderm ointment for my dry lips and it really does make a difference. There are no side effects at the moment except dry lips and nostrils. I was also told that even after 3 extra months they might keep me on accutane for some more time. I guess I scared them so much with the state of my skin at the beginning, they really want to make sure I get enough of the tane to fix my acne, so they never see that scary face again hahaha The look on the face of my dermatologist when he first saw me 5 months ago was priceless, haha...I guess he thought I look too alien and abnormal even for someone who have seen a lot. To be honest even now my leopard face is way too ugly to be shown in pictures but I am sure one day I will post a very nice picture of me here for you to see:) I hope you are all doing well and finding good treatments to fight this horrible disease. With best to all:)xxxxxxxxx
  11. londoncat8
    ....and I am cured!!!! hahahaha Well, after almost 3 months of waiting for a breakout near my mouth to clear, it finally happened. It happened very suddenly within the last two days! It is safe to say there is no active anything on my face at the moment and it feels like....... I can not even describe it properly and adequately! I am still taking 40mg of accutane and although my skin is oil free it is not too dry. My lips do not dry out as bad as before and I only need to use lip balm twice a day. My hair is still on my head and I practice yoga without any pain in joints. Although I do have reddish marks from spots and some little scaring my skin overall looks very good. Not perfect enough to go make up free but good enough to look in the mirror and not be scared of my own reflection, haha
    I hope effects of accutane last long and I will definitely be updating this blog about post-accutane progress. I am seeing my derm next month so it might not just be the end yet:)

    all the best to you all,

    do ask questions if you have them:))))
  12. londoncat8
    What can I tell you.....still there are not a single new spot on my face which is amazing!
    What else..... the inside of my nose is so dry I can feel the air slash and burn it as I breath. I still have a kind of ulcer near my mouth which does not want to heal. I am hopeless with my dry lips-they dry then peel then bleed and hurt and the cycle repeats! Aquaphor gave up on me this week. I can use my lips as a sand paper to polish wood now! I am loosing my hair which I am ok with....I hope it stops when I finish the course but if not, I will shave all and get myself a wig or whatever!
    Am I happy?! I am:) I can see that accutane works and even if it would not last long I will still be happy with whatever time I would have with my acne free face. I can look in the mirror and introduce my new self to myself.

    Wishing all the best to all,

  13. londoncat8
    I will sum up what has happened during my taking of the accutane, maybe it might be interesting for some people who are about to start this drug.

    I am 33, have type 1 diabetes, suffering from acne since 12 y.o I feel I was born with acne cause I do not remember myself without that sh't on my face. My skin has no pores and is very very white. I get lots of pigmentation from acne....i am a human asian leopard. I am not a picker but my doctor tells me that I am!!!! Oil on my face used to be a distinctive feature of my face. I was vitamin A deficient since childhood but no one ever told me it will lead to have an ugly face at the age of 12. I am 176cm tall, 65kg.
    I am a vegetarian who etas fish. I do yoga and swimming. I do not drink or smoke. I am not very social due to my unattractive face so I spend all my time reading, playing piano and doing beautiful art, I excel in it:)

    I started accutane almost 4 months ago on the dose of 30mg(first 2 months) with these side effects:

    dry lips, drinking much water, some minor head aches

    my face was completely oil free by the end of 1st month and I thought it was doing great until that IB happened on the 2nd week of the 2nd month. That piece of devil's art on my face lasted almost a month and 1/2!!! It was painful to look in the mirror at that time. (please refer to my older posts for dramatic details;)

    Month 3 and 4 I was upped to 40 mg. During that time I had much clearer skin with patches of it being truly praiseworthy, haha
    My lips continue up to this day being a complete mess even though I use a lot of aquaphor.
    I had days with very sensitive gums and brushing my teeth was a torture. I also had pink eye in both eyes but managed to cure it with OTM. The corners of my mouth appear to be cracked and that does not heal well at all, I am having that for the last 4 weeks. Sometimes my eyes get very dry. I have pale brown, dry patches of skin along my spine.
    I have 2months to go before I see my dermatologist again.

    Overall, my skin has improved greatly, acne which was active dried out and peeled leaving small scars.
    I do not get any breakouts during my period. In fact, after IB went away there was nothing new popping out.

    I was thinking to have a career on screen playing monsters without special effects but that seems to be no longer possible as I am looking rather human and pretty at the moment.

    I did not get any mood swings as I was born depressed anyway:)

    to be continued.....watch this space........

    with all the best for all of you!

    If you have any questions do ask if not, hope you enjoyed the read.
  14. londoncat8
    At the moment I have an amazing sensitivity in my mouth- I brush my teeth and it feels like I am doing it with a knife! No blood but it feels like I should be bleeding all over the place! Other than that, I must admit, my acne is clearing and in some places my face looks, dare I say that, beautiful!

  15. londoncat8

    It looks like my IB is clearing out a bit. And I hope, since it is the 3rd month on accutane, by the end of it, I will see some more improvements. My face still looks like sh*t, so even if I put real sh*t on my face no one would notice the difference-that is how bad it is! Hahaha through tears! In the past, I had people spit on my face on the streets and now I reached the point I look in the mirror and want to spit on my face too! I should go and work in a circus freak show - I would be a star!!!! Pathetic I know...

    There are no side effects except lips looking and feeling scorched.

    With best wishes for all:)

  16. londoncat8
    And hello again!
    I have seen my derm yesterday and she decided to up my dose to 40mg for the next 3 months. I was quite disappointed that my dose was upped by only 10mg because 30mg did not seem to do much. My IB is still in full bloom so I hope that before I get mental breakdown, haha, some improvements become visible. At the moment my face looks like a garden of nuclear acne explosions; where do I file and to whom do I address my complaint!? The girl from "exorcist" is on her break-I rule now!
    On the positive side, my face is still oil free and with much skill of special effects make up artistry I can survive through the day without being arrested for scaring little children on the streets.
    I wish one day I write right here, where you are reading now, that my face is acne free and I can go on with my life careless and happy and mirrors are no longer a problem.
    Hope dies last. Smile.
    Till next time,
  17. londoncat8
    My face is not looking too bad but now I have an army of whiteheads on my chest and back and I never had so many before. My forehead which is usually was the clearest part of my face is now decorated with acne as well....bloody fantastic!!!! I was told it might get worse before my face clears but I hoped since one month had gone without major breakouts I was lucky....but no, they had to pop out and show their ugly heads!! I look in the mirror and I try to persuade myself that even though my skin is horrible I still am a beautiful person inside. I am a live impersonation of the Edvard Munch painting "the scream"!!!! Wishing you all well......to be continued.....
  18. londoncat8
    I have seen my dermatologist last week and was told that my cholesterol level was way too high (7.5!!!!). She suggested I carry on with 30mg for another month. I thought my dose should be higher on my 2nd month but it did not happen:( I have no idea how did I get cholesterol level that high?!!! I mean I am on a diet where I do not eat fatty foods, dairy products etc. I eat fish, fruit and veg....how can this 7.5 happened?!!! With this 7.5 it looks like I eat Macdonalds all day and drink butter. I might as well forget about diet and start eating all sort of rubbish as it does not seem to work anyway!!!((
    My skin is dry, no active acne and no other side effects.
    Is there light at the end of the tunnel?
  19. londoncat8
    I have finished the 2nd week on accutane and it is safe to say the only thing that I have as a side effect is severely dry lips. My lips bleed quite often even though I use vaseline every 30 min. My skin has not changed all that much except I do not get any new spots and it is a bit drier. I was suggested aquaphor cream for dry skin but it makes my skin feel greasy and won't absorb well. So I am still looking for a good moisturiser hoping that if it does get worse i will be ready to deal with it.
    to be continued.....
  20. londoncat8
    And hello again! Yes, it is quite remarkable that I have no active acne at the moment!! I have never had that before and it feels great....hope it lasts as well:) The skin is dry and oil free my red acne marks and scars are there but there are no active acne!!!!! Today I had a horribly itchy head. I use organic sls free shampoos so I do not think it can be because of anything I use on my hair. Can this be because of accutane? Maybe next, I will be loosing my hair?? Still.... I would rather be bold than suffer acne:) xxx
  21. londoncat8
    Hello again,

    I can add, at the moment, my skin does not need any blotting paper! My t-zone which is usually oily stays rather dry all throughout the day:) Lips are dry and hurting. Cetaphil helps. Also I use vitamin E oil(mix of macademia nut oil, rosehip oil, sunflower oil) on my face and lips at night.
  22. londoncat8
    Ok, it has been almost a week since I started using accutane. There is nothing major going on but I do drink a lot of water as if I had a high blood sugar, even though it is normal. My lips are getting dry but not too much yet. In any case, I would not worry about dry skin when I have acne and marks all over my face:) I have told my mother today about my accutane treatment and she has approved, saying that when I was 2 y.o doctors told her that I have vitamin A deficiency. So I am not surprised I am having acne most of my life; I just hope accutane will be a cure for me. To be continued......
  23. londoncat8
    I would like to write about who I am and why I have chosen to use accutane. I hope some people find information useful. My accutane treatment starts today, 5.03.12.
    I am 33y.o. female, mixed race(asian/caucasian) with very white skin. I have suffered from acne since I was 12 and it got very bad when I got type 1 diabetes at the age of 16. I have tried so many treatments, there will be not enough space here to write about them; nothing ever worked. I have acne all over my face, often inside my nose, ears sometimes on my head. My diabetes is under control, not too bad but could be better (my HbA1C is 7.2). I do exercise regularly(swimming) and try to eat healthy(I do not eat meat, just fish, do not drink anything that has more than 8g of sugar in it, no dairy products in my diet as well) I do not drink alcohol and I do not smoke.
    My weight is 65kg and I was given 30mg dosage for one month which will be reviewed in april.
    I will be writing about the changes If I have any, so do check back:)