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  1. what you have should not be treated by accutane but rather medication or whatever else for mental issues associated with 'acne'. There is no cure for something that does not exist. You, your consciousness creates what you have in your life and if that space inside is not happy, no matter how beautiful you will be there will no happiness to be found. People get cancer, that is a problem, what you have on your face is not a problem. You see it that way and it is tragic but one day you will be able
  2. If I had skin like this I would not worry about accutane or any treatment for it at all. For my face was covered with acne which was bleeding, having puss inside and some of it would be the size of 5p coin. Children would point fingers at my face on the streets. So when I see yours face and the posts you make they do not necessarily connect for me. I know that when I look at other people's pictures on this website I would not be writing that I do not know how to deal with life and I am utterly
  3. i guess your problem is not just acne on your face…. prioritise man what is important and what is not.
  4. Well, I decided to do a post about my progress post accutane. I have had my treatment almost 3 years ago. While on it, I had the most wonderful skin, even though i've had pigmentation all over my face. After I finished my course, exactly in 1 month, my preaccutane skin returned, it was depressing and bad. To top it off my hair was falling like I've had a chemo therapy….. At that point I tried everything there was to try on my skin….so what's next. I decided to give dan's regimen a go; i was a bi
  5. never give up, i wish and hope it gets better for you very soon:)
  6. I know I've been through it all. But my point is I used to have very smooth skin and very mild acne I never had any scars. What has given me scars Is the initial breakout with accutane which has left me with old looking skin! well then, you have to leave it be for now and treat scars with laser or some other alternative late,r because, in my opinion and from my personal experience, scars do not get significantly better unless you laser treat them or just accept them as they are.
  7. My face started to clear only on the 4th month. Patience would be the key word here:)
  8. scars usually become more visible during the tane treatment and after…. but with time they might get better, although not in my case:) If by marks you mean pigmentation, it will definitely get lighter or disappear within 2-3 years on its own or faster if you do treatments (laser etc…) I agree with the above post-accutane does not treat scars but it sounded from your post that you expected it to. In any case, dryness should have subsided by now but if it did not then that has to be addressed with
  9. It can clear in 70 days…the problem might be that acne returns after it clears and once you stopped taking the tane. Do not worry about it now, complete the course first:) good luck!
  10. what to expect on accutane….?….. more important question might be what to expect after you finish the course….sometimes it does not help...
  11. Order from ebay.co.uk same prices as on amazon.com
  12. start some random activity:) yoga…? charity volunteering? If you can not help yourself, help someone else…. It is difficult, life in general is difficult when we make it about ourselves:) But, when we make it about helping someone else, life transforms, you get all you need from everywhere:) Even in our darkest moment there is light to be found and that is called magic or god within us. Light for all:)
  13. If our faces are only there for the purpose of attracting a partner (in your case- a girl) you will have a long journey to learn that it is not…. We get in life challenges of different types- illnesses, money lack, body issues, bad habits, addictions etc… and the reason we have them is to find a way to overcome them and get better in the process. We get better when we change attitudes, life styles, scale of values etc…. your world should not evolve around your acne issues and you can change it.
  14. londoncat8

    Oily Hair

    Try allergenics gentle medicated shampoo. It has no SLS, parabens and other bad stuff. I have seborrheic dermatitis and that is what i use. In fact any shampoo that does not have SLS and parabens would be good for you. Not washing your hair every day is not a good advice, in my opinion. There are many organic brands that sell shampoos and conditioners with good ingredients. Conditioners might not be necessary for oily hair but washing it every day should be. hello do sulfate paraben shampoo
  15. The cause could be that accutane does not help everyone. After completing accutane treatment I had all my acne return to previous state after one month. On top I had half of my hair fall off:) I hope your case is different and your acne does not return to what it was before. The only thing that keeps me clear now is dan's regimen and I wish I tried it before doing accutane treatment. All the best to you!
  16. What is it that you enjoy doing? If you do not know then spend time discovering what it might be. If you stay at home a lot, spend your time productively….reading, drawing, writing….whatever you chose use it to share or express your state of mind:) Do not keep your feelings inside, find a way to express them and share. What treatments you are on? Have you tried regimen? There is always a way around everything, we just have to find it. Finding a way is the process of life:) Do not despair:) If ev
  17. londoncat8

    Day 17

    Initially, my skin was very dry and very red but it goes. You just have to balance the amounts of PB, moisturiser etc. needed for your skin. It will work, good luck!
  18. I feel for you! You have mentioned you tried BP but did you try it as regimen suggested by Dan? I have tried everything myself as well (including accutane) but the only thing that gives me lasting results and keeps me clear is Dan's regimen. I am also type 1 diabetic (21 years+). On the photo your skin does not look too bad, beautiful face too! Spiro takes time to work. If your hba1c is under control, you will see good results soon. Don't despair, it will get better one day!
  19. all sounds great, hope it helps you!
  20. thank you so much for the encouragement!! I really was so excited with my dermatologist's positivity about me trying it, but as soon as some of my family found out they REALLY discouraged me from it, which only caused me to worry about it! I'm so glad to hear that it has worked for you thanks for the reply. You're right about taking advantage of the offer. It seems A LOT of people with mild acne are desperate for it and have a lot of trouble getting it. And surprisingly this was my first ti
  21. There is a good chance it might help. There is also an equal chance of accutane not helping long term and giving you side effects for life. Before you start it read the negative side effects on this website and see what kind of problems people end up and deal with years on after taking accutane. I took it, and it helped while I was on it. Once my treatment finished acne returned as before, plus I lost 50% of my hair which took me 2 years to grow back. Have you tried spire or birth control pills,
  22. I learned to laugh at myself, at my acne….i was looking worse than the girl from 'exorcist'…. You just learn to appreciate yourself for other things than how you look…. each person has something special to give and share with this world….it is not what we look like that matters but what we do and how we do it…. we all have some obstacles in our lives: some people have acne, some people have problems with parents, children, money, job, other health issues…you name it! It is how we overcome these
  23. Well then you should wait a bit more to confirm it was, in deed, a positive experience, It so happens that often acne returns back within 6 months or few years, as well as, in my case, in one month. Some side effects come back later and stay for longer. I am not trying to discourage people from taking it but there should be great consideration taken weather it really worth the risk. I was the happiest for 7 months while I was on this drug but it all ended very quickly and very soon. Some peopl
  24. When did you finish the treatment? For how long have you been off it without any relapse or unexpected side effects?
  25. Everything is great because the question should be not 'why', but for 'what purpose'. When you have challenge in front of you, it is there to push you towards some kind of change, transformation….when transformation happens the challenge will disappear.