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  1. I have suffered from bad acne since the age of 11, I am now turning 23 in July this year and I have gone through so much pain and depression in my past decade. My face now is covered with 60% acne, this year it got worsen and now covering my neck. This is one of the most horrible thing that had happened to me. I have tried millions things includes visiting few dermis and tried products which cost me thousands of dollars. Nothing else work for me, and then two weeks ago, I have met one of my frie
  2. Hello everyone, I am 23 this year and I have oily skin for my entire life since my teenagehood. This year my skin condition got worsen after I came back from a vacation, a friend of mine introduced me to detox my body using organic vegetables diet. Strictly no sugar, meat, dairy, all sort of junks which may may the acne worsen. However, I've been detox for one week and more and my acne got worsen! It breaks out every other day and it freaks me out! My friend told me it's perfectly norm