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  1. i have cystic / nodular acne just so you know.... but no matter how gentle i wash my face with facial wash , some of my spots do bleed what should i do
  2. if u want us to be helpful, make sre you put a much clearer pic as we dont see nothing but 2 red spots with regards to your query, i think u should just be happy that its only in your neck area... most people get it in there face and creates a lot of nasty scars.. SCARS THAT MAKES YOU LOOK OLD AND DISCUSTING! TRUE id rather have lots of acne in my neck arena than my face however i feel your frustration.. try using a good moisturizer and bp i guess
  3. obviously, its just literally a bump.. can u pop them at all? i meant to say get rid of whats inside it
  4. after a very very long time, its only today that i realize that the acne that i have are called nodules.... well, i always get yellow ones then the occasional nodules one, but the nodules one are the one that gives me acne scars... im on medecation at the moment for a month now ... doesnt seem to be working but how do you guys avoid nodule forming? i clean my face twice a day.... i do put slight make up on ( yes im a guy) but as son as im in doors, i wash it... pls i
  5. hi guys..... lately, ive been getting acne back... but this time its doubling or sometimes triping than the normal size... and when it gets really big, theyre the one that becomes scar they start off like a big red lump the gets bigger and bigger shoudl i pop it while its forming? it seems that either way, they become scars anyway pls help.. at the moment, im on medication for 1 month now its a tablet one a day and a cream every night....
  6. ALRIGHT anyone know what type of pimples turn into acne? coz in my case, the one that turns yellow, it doesnt turn to scar but the big red one pimpple, there the ones that turn into scar.. am i wrong or right
  7. for goodness sake..... you taking mick?! honestly, your scar isnt as bad as majority of the peopel on here.. i.e. me! anyhow, scars stay scars.. you can have it minimize though... my friend had scars on his cheeks after serveral sessions with something( cant rmemeber what its called) his face improve a lot... like a mile! just cover it with make up and your good to go... honetly, id have my finger cut just to have same scars as you do!!!
  8. im going to london tomorrow for a day... hoping things would go well ( scars) i was meant to say im hoping it wont show as much as i really wanna enjoy my day.. trouble is, everytime i see pretty people with nice flawless skin, always feels like i wanna jump in d buliding.. god bless us acne and scar people
  9. Zachary John Carter

    acne scars

    a mix of pics with me showing how horrible my acne scarring
  10. aw hun.. my face was like that long time ago.. now i have scars.... but it felt like its worst... it really is
  11. aw.... ive had sort of similar problem.. i remember one time when kids start calling me different names.. in fact... they dont call me zach no more.. they call me the guy with pimples... it really is sad
  12. i use to do this specially the times when you feel really depress and feels like your have the most discusting face in the planet
  13. watching my pictures just made me feeel so discusted about my self.. its summer in here but i cant even go out and enjoy the sun coz of how conscious i look.. @justmeuk now i havent done any treatment for scars... i cant afford any of those.. im relying exatcly on lemon juice and praying that it would work