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  1. I just posted this in the emotional health portion of forums. =) I hope this information proves to be valuable for everyone on some level. I have come to believe that even though we are all complex, unique creatures with different circumstances and biology there is ALWAYS an underlying emotional component to skin diseases.
  2. Free Ebook full of interesting insights that extend far beyond simply "imagining yourself acne free" and "hypnotizing" your acne away. This man is brilliant and I am pleased to share this with you, I hope you all benefit from it: http://grossbart.com/SkinDeep.pdf And his website Love, Me
  3. Maybe it just looked better because you were still partially drunk ;-) I'm totally kidding! I have experienced this also in the past primarily after a night of drinking specifically red wine and it has confused the hell out of me to say the least. The only conclusion that I could reach, completely unscientific and lacking evidence is the fact that maybe it temporarily cleansed and detoxed me? The cons of copious alcohol consumption outweigh drinking heavily, but there are a bunch of anti oxidan
  4. Someone has talked about this herb as being a wonderful liver tonic, not specifically used to treat skin alone, but I was wondering if any of you had ever used it?
  5. For the most part I agree with you.. I hate to say this for fear of seeming as though I'm trying to substantiate my inability to get employment hence thus far or feel sorry for myself, but you're also a man. Even though we live in the 21st century, less emphasis is put on the beauty of a man's skin, (depending on the nature of the job, unless you want to be a model, actor or in the entertainment industry). I think there is still an underlying current of discrimination that exists against women f
  6. His unsolicited opinion was voiced to me once again today.... It's pretty torturous especially when I feel slightly helpless because I had to move back in at 24 years old due to financial reasons a couple months ago. I have a deadline set, by Thanksgiving I'm out, period no matter how much money I have or don't have. I'm an extremely resourceful person but times are tough. I know he probably just wants the "best" for me and is trying to be "helpful" but that+ stress of unemployment+ stress of ac
  7. I have had success with epsom salt soaks and just hot compresses in the past, sometimes they do the trick. And sometimes they were the deep deep variety...epsom salt and sulfur are my go-tos as far as topicals which I normally stray from.
  8. How long before you saw results? I'm really really considering it since I've been on accutane in the past, had success but then like with so many others it came back with a vengeance. P.S You look awesome
  9. I might have tendencies even though it's not illusion that I have moderately severe acne. I also have a history of bulimia which I thought I had healed from but it turns out that 3 years later, yes, I relapsed recently a bit =( So I definitely know what it's like to have an extremely negative perception of my body and deal with all of the monstrocities that come along with that. BIG HUG to you You're beautiful, and I know it's hard to accept even with cystic acne but I was surprised recently to
  10. HAH! Yes, sometimes it takes "scientific" investigation on our own behalves. I can't imagine being a doctor, of all the thousands of conditions, many sharing similar symptoms and etiologies. It's enough to make my head almost explode thinking about it. The mind-body connection has been respected for thousands of years in Eastern culture but is just now becoming resepcted by mainstream science. A telling sign that one facet of my acne puzzle is stored emotions and over-all mental well being ca
  11. Sound advice and counseling regarding your skin that you found valuable/not from self-experiementation or anything that you could have researched and discovered online anyway? Just thought I would ask if you have any recommendations. Thanks.
  12. Thank you for that =) I have been persistent and even though I isolate from time to time my condition has never stopped me from doing what I want to do.
  13. Yep, that is tinea versicolor...I was diagnosed with that by my derm a couple months ago and he gave me a cream for it. Makes me wonder if there is justification behind candida and funal overgrowth as a root cause of acne...of course not in every case because we know it's complex, but still
  14. Fascinating because I had a similar experience a couple of years ago... in retrospect it was probably arbitrary and just a run of "good luck" in the skin department. But, I remember a friend of mind complimenting me and asking me what I was doing, to which I replied and sheepishly giggled, "NOTHING!" Except eating more of what I normally don't and drinking lots of coffee? yeah, makes a whole lot of sense...Out of curiosity, are you in love right now? With a special someone? I happened to be at