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  1. Can cupping plane water to your face strip Natural oil? Or generally speaking, can water strip natural oil? I'm wondering if there is such a thing as to "Rinsing for too long". Every morning I would use my face cleanser for about 2 minutes max on my face and then cup water to rinse for about 8 minutes. At night, after using my cleanser for about 2-3 minutes again in the showers, I would use the shower head (set on drizzling lightly) and let water run down my face for about another 8 minutes.
  2. First of all, does Differin actually work? Would you suggest it? I'm wondering wether it matters when I use Differin in my life. I mean, does it only work when minor scars are still in its healing process? Will it not matter if I use it later since my skin will have already healed? Also, does it work for anyone at anytime with minor acne scars? Can someone clear this up for me, so that I could understand how it works better. I'm wondering this because since I'm still getting acne, I'm a