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  1. Can you guys please post pics? Before/After ones would be great. Thanks!
  2. Awesome, thanks for the update! Your skin looks great, so glad it all worked out well for you. We need to hear more stories like this, imo! Very inspirational .
  3. Thanks for posting pics. TBH I don't think your hair looks thin, nor does your part look abnormally wide. I've seen much worse, on ppl who probably wouldn't say anything's wrong w their hair. Do you really think you lost 1/3 of your hair? IMO if that was the case, your hair would be much thinner...Do you have any before pics to compare? From your previous posts, the number of hairs you say you've been loosing, and the alarm at which you've stated your situation, one would think your hair
  4. Hi, I'm 34 as well, and have had persistent mild-moderate acne pretty much my whole adult life. I use tretinoin .01% gel at night and clindamycin gel in the morning. I use cerava face cleanser. I use to use BP 2.5% in the morning, and the combo of BP and tretinoin was effective in controlling my acne. I rarely am 100% clear, but i've been able to manage w a few active blemishes, and the occasional cyst (or two :/). I switched to clindamycin in the morning because I thought the BP and tr
  5. Hey Chicanery, and others who experienced this, can you post pics of your hair so we can see what you're talking about? Thanks!
  6. Sorry to hear you're having such a tough time. Can you post a pic of your dry thinning and brittle hair? So we can see what you are talking about? Obviously you can't post a pic of your IBS, but seeing your hair would help assess your situation and it's severity, and I think it would be very helpful to people. Thanks!
  7. Chicanery, and others, would you be willing to post pics of your hair loss? Even a before pic for comparison. I think it would be really helpful. We read a lot of these types of posts, but rarely does anyone even post a pic. Again, I think it would be a great help in understanding it and seeing exactly what you're talking about. Thanks!
  8. Hows it going w/ you? Do you think you are still shedding? Do you think there is a noticable difference in your hair? An update would be great. Thanks!
  9. How long and what dosage are you on? How long have you been on it? Care to share your experience so far? Any side effects? Hows ur skin looking? I think it would be helpful. Thanks .
  10. Hi pjames, Unfortunately, I don't think myself or anyone here is really qualified to tell you what to do next. It's also hard to comment since there isn't a "before" pic. I'd say if you haven't seen real results after a good amount of time, go back to your doctor and ask him what the next step is. Also, from years of seeing dermatologists and suffering from chronic acne, I'd say don't be afraid to try a new doctor. Even research doctors online and find ones with good reviews, etc. So
  11. Hey, any update? Are you finished w the course? How has your skin been? Any new side effects (hopefully not!). If youre done w/ the course, have you seen continued improvement? Thanks!
  12. Hey Yung Raptor, hows it going? Anything new to report? BTW how long is your course? An update would be awesome! Thanks!!
  13. I'm in a similar boat as you, but I'm 34, and have been on topicals for 18 years, and for periods of time, oral antibiotics. I'm also never clear, but I would say my acne is maybe more mild than yours, although it use to be much worse. U def have more bumps than me, my average is maybe 4-5, possibly less if I'm having a good week. I'll get maybe 1-2 cysts every 3-4 months. I've also developed some sebaceous hyperplasia lesions, which are basically bumps/clogged pores that dont go away, and n
  14. I'm using clindamycin gel in the morning and tretinoin gel at night. It's ok. I use the gel because i find the lotion makes my face really greasy. The gel does too to an extent, but much less so. I'm in my 30s, so I like it because it's not harsh on my skin. I was using Benzoyl Peroxide in the morning before it, for quite some time, with about the same results, but it made the parts of my skin w/out acne dry and irritated looking. This doesn't dry out the skin, so I think overall my ski