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  1. Never saw a single case of someone going completely bald from accutane. Isotretinoin itself has no capability of destroying hair follicle, however, it can induce tellogen effluvium thus speed a genetic predisposition of male pattern baldness. In internet your going to see alot of cases of hair loss/thinning from accutane, if they are reliable, you will never know. But even tho i never saw a case of completely balding from it.
  2. Only TCA cross or punch excision can improve these kind of ice pick scars. Needling and retin A will do nothing in this case, only improve your texture. Im a big enthusiast of TCA cross, i highly recommend this and is high likely that your scars/pores will improve tremendously if its well performed. The chances of damage your skin further with TCA cross are smaller than another invasive procedures since the application is limited to the scar area. I dont like to encourage and create false h
  3. In hands of god-tier doctors like Davin Lim, its capable of doing miracles. However people should not expect achieve this kind of results with normal doctors. I think the technique of using syringe droplets is the best one by far, because it will allow the TCA in its liquid form to concentrate and penetrate to break the tissue more agressively Toothpicks often doesnt get deep enough because the TCA is partially dried in the toothpick, making it harder to evaluate how deep the TCA has
  4. De Rerum Natura


    Accutane didnt cleared you up or it did but the acne came back after?
  5. I have to agree with BA, specially because ur doing TCA cross with high percentage and lasers which are super strong methods. being not conservative i would give 3 months between each laser session, and if u want to be safe, 6 months. U can repeat the TCA cross each 6-8 weeks.
  6. Thank you for docummenting this, its not usual nose pore treatments in this forum other than lasers and home/routine creams. as i can see you already have before pictures to compare with the upcoming results, wish you the best luck
  7. No it's not "normal" hence the majority of people at 4 months peak is already clear, specially with 60 mg. But you dont have more cystic acne, which was the major concern, thats good. Some people take more time to get clear than others, if by the time of your course to end ur still breaking out, u should talk to your dermatologist and see if thats really acne, if it's maybe u can consider extend your treatment. Wish you the best luck.
  8. At age 30 or 40 2 years isnt a big period, but at age 17 it is. Your body is passing through a BIG hormonal change, and your body is still developing. BA pointed it perfectly. Environment, diet, vitamins and all epigenetic factors can play a role in acne and scarring. But your genetics that are playing the mandatory role in it.
  9. It looks like a boxscar to me. The damaged area exceeded the scar limit, it doesnt even look like it was a needling procedure, it looks like a deep burn from TCA if i would guess this wound will take several weeks to heal, there is no way to predict how it will heal, just keep it moist and dont go ever again to this "professional" who did this.
  10. Just wow. Great improvement here. thank you for docummenting this
  11. U can try to contact some dermatologis where you at and get a prescription if its not possible then i advise you to not take this medication you brought online and wait two weeks. That can be extremly harmful for your health, dont play with this
  12. anybody here cant ever support this. your buying accutane without prescription online, u dont know where this came from thats not safe AT ALL u should not take this by any means, be careful.
  13. https://phys.org/news/2018-11-skin-gel-wounds-scar.html any member already heard of this Sericin hydrogel?
  14. Non ablative methods like needling but if u still have active acne just dont wait till your acne clear then start with 1,0/1,5mm pen in a test spot to see how your skin react