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  1. does the results in pigs were disappointing?
  2. Your topic is very well done and summarized. Im sorry youve been through so many shit in your journey, probably we all can relate how unethical and unprepared most of the dermatologists or surgeons can be regards acne scar treatments. Your skin does not look bad and your scars are not severe, u should find your way to improve it eventually. I would suggest TCA cross on the boxscars/ice pick ones. I will follow your journey now on, good luck.
  3. Texture from Lasers, specially this kind of texture is most likely temporary, i had the same issue when i did CO2. Glad your scars have improved. Keep updating us
  4. Just to clarify one thing about Verteporfin WHS - Transgenic Inhibition Of Engrailed-1 Results In Endogenous Postnatal Skin Regeneration "CONCLUSIONS: Together, these data support that verteporfin promotes wound regeneration specifically through its effects on fibroblast YAP signaling. Furthermore, they suggest that En-1 is a mechanoresponsive master regulator of fibroblast activation; accordingly, ablation of En-1 signaling, either indirectly (YAP inhibition) or directly (DT ablation),
  5. I will not delete your comment because i want to make this very clear to anyone who steps into this log and share your opinion. Im not docummenting a case study, neither had any first intentions to share any of these pictures when i took them. I want to clarify that this is mainly a personal log. Despite not having a good quality camera, Im still leaving this log open because i feel it can benefit people. If the quality of the photos dont met your quality standards for a compar
  6. Looks like TCA typical burn hyperpigmentation to me. Have you chemically bruised your skin?
  7. Looks like u have enlarged pores, shallow ice pick scars, areas with post inflammatory redness indicates that u had active acne not long ago, your skin texture looks compromised mainly by excess of sebum production and irritation. TCA cross can certainly adress the issue with your pores. Lasers can help improve your texture after. But your skin needs to stabilize first. Would be good to know how is your acne state right now and your regimen. Have you purged recently?
  8. Another technology "avaiable" but 5 years away sometimes i feel that we are retreating instead of progressing in terms of regulations.
  9. Those are hard deal. Mostly because the results are very reliant on the professional expertise to do a skilled job U have several bumps, widespread ones, would be good to have an actuall photo to measure better the extent of it and the height of them since u said they flattened a bit To me this look like classic early stage nose rhynophyma, your nose need to be partially reshaped and those bumps shaved. This is a example of nose being reshaped. This is very hard
  10. I have no idea.. If you manage to get in contact with him through e-mail, he will probably answer. I bet another surgeons and docs are already trying to use Verteporfin off-label at this very moment, but its too early to attest any efficacy, even if docs are using it offlabel by now
  11. Tests on rats took around 90 days to regenerate the skin with all appendages, and they apparently already moved on to pigs, it will probably take more time on pigs because pig skin is probably different and more complex than rats, specially if it works partially.. Damn.. I would love to recieve more Verteporfin news..
  12. BA was a good skin enthusiast and a valuable member of this forum. Despite of him having a degree or not, he understood alot about scarring and scar treatments. This guy spent alot of time here helping others and giving his opinions and assistance in free will for a very long period of time. He summarized and organized important topics, case studies, testimonials and so on. Not only that, he never created or give false expectations towards anybody about scar treatments.. Things scalated, he be
  13. Rolling scars and fat loss are your major problem at this moment Subcision and fillers are your main goal here The hardest part here is fiding a good professional. Beware and avoid anyone pushing lasers for you now. Good luck