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  1. My last post was about the lowest I have ever been in regards to my acne. I was visiting my sister at the time, waiting for the bp to arrive with no where to turn in the meantime. Since I arrived home I have been using The Regimen for 3.5 weeks. Talk about changing my life...already! When I first put it on I can only begin to write about how itchy my cheeks were. It was very intense, but at the same time I had the feeling that this was the oxygen beating up all the acne bacteria! I find that
  2. Acne blows, but I know it shouldn't control your life. I go to school, have a job, visit friends, interact with people on a daily basis and I have severe acne. Lots of lovely cysts on my cheeks. What is it about cheeks that make them such a great place for acne to hang?! I noticed a change in my complexion and skin's composition about a month before college began when I was 18 and a half. Acne runs in my family so it made sense I would get it, but I thought I got lucky as my siblings showed t