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  1. My only hope with this post was to maybe spur a couple other people to try it, as I had never even thought about it. Sorry for not looking through other similar threads, I've only been on this site a few times and never really got the chance to look through everything. I don't think its fair to say I'm not (or wasn't) a real acne sufferer, I've seen the worst of it in my years. I think everyone can find some relief eventually, they just have to figure out the main cause behind the acne.
  2. I've had bad acne since I was about 16 (I'm 21). I've tried all of it, creams, scrubs you name it. Lately, probably the past couble of years my acne started to get even worse. I'm talking big cysts, huge pimples small pimples all over my face. Being how old I was, I knew there had to be something I was doing wrong, it just didn't make sense why I was still getting it. One weekend I went to my parents house and drank a lot of milk. Fastword two days from then, probably had the biggest cyst ev