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  1. Day 115 just a quick update, so i broke out worse than usual during the weekend but its drying up pretty quick. and im starting to notice a lot of hyper pigmentation marks and scars which really sucks. i hope they will fade soon Side Effect: so same as previous posts EXCEPT i randomly began having really REALLY bad skin rashes along my entire arms :/ they are red large patches raised on the back of my arms, hands in front of my arms and along my triceps... they really suck and if i dont pu
  2. Day 107 Hey guys, so its been awhile but things have been good. for some reason i just recently got some breakouts on my face and chest but they were minor and started clearing up in a couple days. my red and dark marks have been starting to fade. i dunno why i still get small isolated pimples on selected areas around my face but i just hope my derm will bump me up to 80mg a day instead of 80 / 40 alternating. well i dont see him for another 20 days or so but time will prob pass fast. im go
  3. congrats, glad to hear from you and how it all turned out. time for u to enjoy life hahah
  4. Day 85 Hello everybodyyyyyyyyyy sorry i havent updated yall in a bit, so a couple days after my previous post, i went for my derm apptment and the derm bumped me up to 40mg alternating with 2 40mg every other day so basically its 120mg / 2 days or similar to 60mg a day. It wasnt until I got bumped up then i began noticing some awesome improvements in my face im still breaking out slightly like a couple small pimples here and there but generally its been staying clear this past couple wee
  5. Hey I'm almost done month 3, im at day 80. Though I still breakout often i noticed that the breakouts are smaller and don't last as long as before. I havent seen any improvements before halfway through month 3 so i'm hoping that its all uphill from here. maybe month 4 will be the magic one for me
  6. Day 65 alrighty, so i lied :/ i thought my skin was getting better but then for about a week now i have had several big breakouts everyday. around 2-3 cysts on each side of my face and a couple nasty pimples all over and several focused on my temples. im at a loss of what to do, i have an appointment with my derm in a couple days so hopefully he can up my dosage from 40mg now to 80mg or at least 60mg :S
  7. Hey Betsy, yeah maybe ill try one of those but for now I've switched to spectro moisturizer for blemish prone skin, its been doing its okay for my skin Thanks! good luck to you too in your course!
  8. Day 57 hey everyone, so im starting to see small babysteps of improvement, my skin is flushing redder than ever but in terms of acne, there has been a decrease in bumps. several of my older bumps from month 1 breakouts are still hanging around along with red marks and ive still been breaking out in month 2 but thankfully less than before. I just hope this improvement continues onto the 3rd "magical" month and hopefully I will see large noticeable improvements by then. My lips are dryer than
  9. Day 48 so i met with my derm last week and he wanted to bump me up to 80mg a day becuz of the lack of improvement, however, in the end he decided to stick with 40 mg and prescribed me another 45 pills of 40mg. it is now day 48 and I haven't seen any improvement in my skin, it is starting to get more dry but new zits are still appearing on my cheeks, chest, forehead still. the side effects are still the same but the eczema on the back of my hand is clearing up becuz of hydrocortisone cream i
  10. congrats man, are the red marks left from previous breakouts all cleared up now?
  11. yeah youre right, i just kinda had a high hope from what my derm told me, but patience i guess, I mean the many tiny black spots on ur nose that when u squeeze about a mile strip of yellow gunk keeps coming upwards like toothpaste O.o im pretty sure those are black heads
  12. PREFACE Hey guys so ive always been roaming around acne.org the past 2 years. I'm 17 years old singaporean-canadian and i first started getting acne when i was 14 y/o. i only had it on my forehead for several months then boom one day it spread all over my face and it really caught me off guard. I tried everything, i first started with salicylic acid creams to no improvement, then murad sulphur spot treatment which helped a bit but not much, and when my acne was moderate mainly on the sides