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  1. "If only I could close my eyes, count to ten, and this nightmare would be over..." That is exactly how I feel. I know its tough. It's a huge weight to bear, both mentaly and emotionaly. You'll know a year from now if it was all worth the effort and only then. Remain strong, remain patient, and remain positive. It's a long road but I'm right there with you.
  2. I dont have red marks but my scars have also returned. My scars look really bad as well. I cant see much progress and it's causing me tons of stress. I knew from the beginning that lasers are not a "one and done" type of thing. Multiple treatments are needed. But the time that it takes to see any progress is painfully slow. The progress is a long term thing. So it may look like any progress has dissapeared but hopefully the collogen remodeling will occur and the scars will become less noticable.
  3. Hey there, I had Smartxide co2 done on my lower face (everything below the temples) on the 16th of january 2013. I know EXACTLY how you're feeling. I'm going through the same range of emotions that you're going through, so don't feel as though your alone. I'm also waiting for this collogen to start remodeling. I'm rooting for you and sending positive vibes from Atlanta, Georgia. Take care.
  4. So I had an appointment to have Smartxide co2 done on my lower face. I'm a olive skinned hispanic male with bad acne scars and horrible skin texture. As many on here already have done, I too shall document this journey. I hope this goes well.
  5. it could take up to 3-4 months to see any improvement. But when it finaly does, youll be able to notice the big change.
  6. Never done accutane so I'll look more into both of these! thanks! And I'm not on any kind of medications, I've quit them all and I'm trying a healthier lifestyle to get rid of acne. Never done accutane so I'll look more into both of these! thanks! And I'm not on any kind of medications, I've quit them all and I'm trying a healthier lifestyle to get rid of acne. Accutane is derived from vitamin A. Vitamin A is very important in dealing with acne.
  7. Vitamin D3 Vitamin A - If you are on accutane, then dont take it.
  8. It has given me tons of energy and I am about 98.7% clear. Im on accutane aswell but it wasnt until I started the new diet that my skin got so dramatically clear. Even while on accutane (which makes my skin extremely dry), I would get breakouts (and Im on 80mg a day) but in combination with the diet it has cleared me up. I wanted to test the "x factor" so I started to eat like I used to for a week and sure enough I started to get bumps again. It is possible to lose weight, thats why you
  9. salmon tuna spinach watercress broccoli green beans strawberries blueberries blackberries papaya apples cucumber kale turnip greens pumpkin carrots celery tomatoes garlic onions ginger chicken walnuts almonds NO SUGAR NO FLOUR Wake Up: 1 quart of water immediately (This kick-starts the body's digestive system) Breakfast: Protein, Fat (for energy) and then Fruits. Protein and fat can be gathered from walnuts, almonds, fish, etc. The body needs fat to absorb other
  10. Well since its their photographs, already there is a bias. Alot of their photos have the lighting cranked way up for the after photo. I posted a thread on "before and afters" and i saw alot of South Coast Med stuff when i was doing research. Their "after " photos dont seem consistant with the before when it comes to the lighting. And if you have acne scars then you know that lighting is probably the easiest way to manipulate the way that acne scars look.
  11. I dont know about any exfoliants bro, BUT what happened to Faber at ufc 149 dude??? He got dominated!